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10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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Latest Marketing Tendencies

Today’s digital world is fast-paced and on constant move. As mobile devices and desktops are now one, there is a swing in digital marketing.

Here is what to know, along with the action items to add to your to-do list, whatever your business size & market segment. You are in rush, let’s give you the list right now:

  1. More analysis & ROI than ever
  2. Focused planning
  3. PPC is changing
  4. Traditional SEO will become harder
  5. Marketing budgets are shifting towards creative content
  6. Social media marketing is now critical
  7. Content marketing is on the rise
  8. Increased demand for conversion optimization
  9. Mobile will right at the heart of the customer journey & digital experience
  10. More personalization and segmentation
  11. Focus & one-to-one marketing are 2 game changers in 2018

Customer Journey & User Experience

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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The 10 Trends To Watch Out

Analysis & ROI

Broken links – a.k.a. 404 pages – are bad for search engine optimization. They need a fix! Traditional SEO methodologies will often be used, as they are proven to be efficient.


In today’s digital world, we take decisions on the go – anytime and anywhere. As a  result, comprehensive planning is required. Connecting & engaging with community members or potential customers come at a price.

Better get organized and be focused!

PPC Rebooted

With Google’s new Adwords, PPC is now more competitive. PPC budgets don’t always bring in return on investment. It will worsen in 2018.

Is your credit card the only value, you deliver to customers?

More Challenging Search Optimization

With the advent of voice searches and artificial intelligence, search marketing will be more challenging in 2018. Google’s mobile-first index will be launched in 2018. Expect changes and surprises digital marketers will have to handle.

Marketing Budgets for Creative Content

Even though digital advertising budgets will keep increasing in 2018 (PPC and social media), businesses will explore new venues and opportunities. Creative content (whatever its format) will grow even bigger next year.

Social Media Marketing is Critical

Being creative and pertinent on social media networks will be a must in 2018. This will boost social engagement and it will increase your visibility and credibility online. Social influencers and prescribers will even play a greater role in their respective market segments.

Identifying them is now key to your brand-awareness.

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

More and Better Content Marketing

We all claim content is king. In 2018, content marketing will be one of the pillars of your digital strategy. More and better content is expected from users. It will also build your authority and increase social signals, thus your ranking in Google’s results.

More Personalization

Digital marketers will have to focus on one-to-one marketing strategies. Marketing will have to be personalized and catered to individuals. Your content will have to target specific users and groups, in order to get a stronger impact and higher conversion rate.

Demand for Higher Conversion

Small-business owners and start-ups are far more mature, when it comes to digital marketing. They will demand and expect a higher conversion rate and more qualified sales leads. In short, 2018 will be the year of ROI and sales retention. Being more innovative and creative is vital for your digital transformation and its success.

Mobile at the Center of the User Experience

Mobile marketing will be the most important challenge next year. The increase in voice searches and Google’s AI roll-out will be a game changer. Both search & digital marketing will be disrupted, as users demand a unified digital experience, regardless of platform and device.

Delivering a seamless user experience is no longer the exception, but the rule in 2018. Discover emerging trends for 2018 from Smart Insights.

2017 has been a very active year so far, expect 2018 to rock n’ roll. From UK  Tech to Tech L.A., we are ready for it.  Any tips you can share with us? Join the conversation on Twitter, we will give you digital emotions.

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10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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