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Monthly Archives: March 2017


SEO Minutes from London UK Tech

What are SEO Minutes? Simply our digital achievements of the day! The idea is to bring fresh information in full transparency on what we do, where do it, when we do it. This is what SEO minutes is all about! If you browse this cloug tag, you fill have access to all the blog posts [...]

Global Tech and Startup Hubs 2017: The list!

Top Global Tech & Startup Hubs 2017 Major Technology and Business Hubs in the World and Europe As we wrote about Brexit and Global Britain no later than yesterday, let's go through the list of major high-tech and startup hubs in the world. Going global is the new business model for Britain, so that the [...]

Think Global, Act Local and Go SEO!

The importance of Global SEO and Local SEO Going digital is cost-effective! In today's Global Britain and ever changing world, the most cost-effective way to export and strengthen your local market is to go digital. Whatever the size of your business (solo-entrepreneur, start-up, SME) or your niche, selling your products and/or services online is a [...]

Brexit and Technology: Article 50

Triggering Article 50 for the EU Exit! Brexit Press Review First, let's take a look at the newspaper front pages - March 29th, 2017 ! Brexit UK Press Review: Article 50 >> Daily Mail >> Metro UK >> Financial Times >> Mirror >> The" [...]

Teemster : One of the Top Sales Recruitment Agencies London

Top Recruitment Agencies in London Zoom on Teemster Recruitment Limited Based out of Marseille in France, Teemster is the sales recruitment expert in France with over 150 contracts per year from leading institutions and groups. Teemster is 7 years old and the company has been focusing on sales recruitment since day 1. It  just set [...]

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Seasonal Marketing: 7 tips to plan your campaigns

Seasonal Trends impact your Website Traffic What there is to know... All brands will agree: consumers adopt a different mindset, depending on the time of the year. As Christmas, Valentine's Day and Summer Holidays get closer, brands have to adapt their marketing to address  consumers. Whatever the products or services, all companies can benefit from seasonal marketing: [...]

How will Brexit impact London Tech City? 7 Hints

UK Technology Companies and Brexit? What To Expect... There are major issues with the EU. Can someone explain to us, what the outcome might be? Is the Brexit a risky challenge for the UK Tech? What does this have to do with technology companies? The technology sector in the United Kingdom supported the Remain campaign from day [...]

Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

Fresh Digital Thinking What's new in Brexit London? As the UK is about to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start the EU exit, it's time to come out with Fresh Digital Thinking and find out how to make a success of Brexit in a Global Britain. Britain's  technology niche is growing fast [...]