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Monthly Archives: April 2017


How Social Signals Impact Search Results in 2017!

Find out if Social Signals matter in SEO Many studies, many reports and 1 assumption! We went through the web to see what experts were up to. We put together a recap. about social signals and search ranking. What are social signals? To put simply, social signals are the quantity and quality of retweets, shares [...]

2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity – Updated April 2017

Glad to update 247 Digital's Blog... Updated April, 27 - 2017 With the 2017 French Elections coming up along with Britain's General Elections 2017, it may be the right time to consider why Brexit will be a success for the UK economy and its digital industry. Let's give you some useful links, that will help [...]

Does Google My Business Get it Wrong?

Google My Business for Local SEO One of Your SEO Essentials RT: RT iMariaJohnsen: #GoogleMyBusiness displays the wrong photo for my #business We contacted Google for years &… — Mobile gaming world (@Worldgaminn) April 20, 2017 Google My Business got increased visibility, since it placed local listings in organic results. There are now [...]

Leadership and Entrepreneurship: 5 Quotes

Leadership is all about Vision... Showing the way & leading the way to your destination We are putting together our favorite quotes! Whatever your business size and market niche, entrepreneurs' lives are made of failures and successes. What matters is how well your entrepreneurial journey goes! What to know and remember to be a colorful [...]

How To Go Global with International SEO?

Going Global with International Digital Marketing The Brand Strength Index Worldwide This index published  by will help small business owners assess the opportunities of going global with export. Just look at the infographic to understand where you can export and where the opportunities are. Whatever the country or the market niche, there is money [...]

Digital Trends: The Shift from Desktops to Mobiles

Shifting from Desktops to Mobiles Changing the World One Device at a Time! Since the iPhone came out, the way we use the internet has changed. Smartphones are about to surpass desktops and laptops in all sectors and markets. The advent of certain technologies coupled with mobility changed the picture for ever. In 2017, we [...]

At the heart of Image and Video Marketing

Image and Video Marketing, a Must! Why are pictures and videos so important in 2017? In such a fast-moving society, people spend about 8 seconds on a page. That fast? In Google's own terms, the loading time on a mobile device should be 3 seconds max. Before reading a page partially or in full, we [...]

SEO Minutes: What is Blackhat SEO? And Whitehat…

SEO For Dummies Blackhat SEO Revealed! The best source for bad SEO practices is Google Webmaster Central. No doubt about it! The purpose of this very short blog post is to direct you (the reader) to a complete SEO analysis, we conducted lately: Whitehat vs Blackhat search optimization. The whole idea was to go through [...]

Mobile Marketing Minutes: What to Know!

At the heart of the new SEO Challenge: Mobile! Mobile Search is the next big Digital Marketing thing With the advent of iPhone a decade ago, faster networks have changed the ball game. Today's mobile marketing industry is facing both problems and business opportunities. This blog post is supplementing our mobile SEO page. We will [...]