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Monthly Archives: May 2017

SEO Experts with Customer References

Search Marketing: Customer References, a Must! Customer Success Stories We are involved in lead generation to boost customers' business since 1996. Do you want the SEO moon? It doesn't exist. In search marketing, you have to  to invest 6 or 9 months before you can see tangible results. This is the time it takes for [...]

Mobile Minutes: Mobile Commerce was 34% of all e-Commerce Transactions!

The latest about Mobile Commerce! Mobile Marketing More Important Than Ever While e-Commerce is booming, mobile commerce is taking off! Revealed: mobile commerce was, last year, just under 35% of global electronic shopping transactions in the world. Are you still ignoring e-commerce and digital? In 2014, analytics and numbers speak for themselves. The time spent online [...]

Artificial Intelligence means the end of SEO and Social Media!

What is the Score with AI and Social Media? Is Search Optimization dead? Is Social Media out? Is AI taking over SEO and social media?  This is NOT true! This post is about the misunderstanding of AI in the search and social industries. RankBrain - for instance - is designed to bring more value and pertinence to [...]

SEO Services: Free 30-day Trial – No Obligation! 

Search Marketing Services: Try Us Free... .... Keep all our Work! Discover how professional we are, at no cost! Updated May 2017 With 2 decades of Search Engine Optimization expertise behind us, we know how valuable we are. Our clients also know it, but you don't as yet. We give you the opportunity to find out [...]

SEO Minutes: Search is Conversations and Emotions

Search is a Conversational Experience SEO is Emotions With the advent of artificial intelligence, search has now become a digital user experience between readers and Google. So-called Experts sell SEO and Digital Marketing like Search Programming Services. This is digital bullshit, as AI (RankBrain) takes search marketing to the next level: conversations & emotions. Ready [...]

WE Reading: Guide to Link Building!

Is Link Building Important in SEO? SEO requires backlinks to your website! Backlinks will build your brand recognition, credibility and mainly your domain authority. Here is a quick guide with winning techniques to get high-quality backlinks from business leaders and mainstream media. The journey to successful link building is also available in PDF >> Email uk [...]

Social Media Marketing Best Practices Infographics

Guide to Social Media Recognition Here is the 2017 Social Marketing Guide All it takes is 1 infographic, that says it all - well nearly! Get the Social Guide PDF file here >> Email uk [@] , call +44 208 123 00 78 or contact us 24/7 (reply within hours) !

Who is Didier Delmer? SEO Expert in 6 EU languages!

Discover the 247 Digital Team Today is Didier Delmer, 1 Infographic Who, what, where, why, when and how? Serial entrepreneur and multilingual digital marketing expert, here are  his hobbies, habits and business background... Discover Didier's Social Accounts! As a re-known business developer, Didier uses social media marketing a lot. His favorite social platform is Twitter, [...]

Legal: Internet Trolls vs Defamation vs Information

What are the definition for each of them? Social Media vs Social Mania! Updated May 11th, 2017  What is Trolling? Someone who published on the Internet arguments upsetting people or using malicious techniques for the intent of provoking readers' emotions. What is Defamation? Under common law including UK and EU references & repositories, defamation is [...]