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Monthly Archives: June 2017


Guide to Exporting in Europe with Digital

About Going Europe with SEO What To Consider before Expanding your Business into the EU In Brexit's Britain, digital marketing marketing will help you boost your business and export in the EU at a fraction of the cost. What is at Stake? With Brexit talks going on and the value of the UK Pound, exporting [...]

Follow Google Algo. Updates Live for Higher SEO Ranking

Sticking to Google Algorithm Updates All Year Round? Will your search ranking be better? Are you able to follow the 500 new releases/year of Googlebot? What you are told: Every time Google makes an update to its algorithm, you must update your website accordingly to be successful. What to know: This is false! While you [...]

SEO Minutes > The Truth about HTTPS

Keeping HTTPS for E-commerce only? Revealed: What's the score with HTTPS? Some SEO experts do not use the secured HTTPS protocol. It shows a lot about their incompetence. What you are told: The HTTPS protocol come with encryption, thus you have to use if you sell products or services online. In short, you need it [...]

Driving Sales Conversion across Channels – Free Webinar with Branch and Layer

Higher-Converting Mobile Experiences Join This Webinar on June 21st - 2017, 10 a.m. PT Meet with Mada Seghete and Ron Palmeri to discuss best practices to create an optimal cross-platform customer experience. In today’s mobile world, the typical journey of your consumers spans across devices, channels, and platforms, leaving a fragmented digital footprint that’s hard to [...]

The Brexit Negotiations Timeline – June 2017 Update

Brexit Negotiations Timeline (Updated June 2017) At the heart of Brexit Negotiations... How will the Brexit negotiations go on? What is the planning for leaving the EU? Who are the major actors? As Theresa May triggers Article 50, Angela Merkel has already refused to hold parallel talks: Brexit divorce & new trade agreement with the [...]

Brexit News UK Tech – 13 June 2017

Brexit News Today and UK Tech Will Brexit Impact UK's Technology Industry? Here are the Brexit News today from various sources & major newspapers... Save this page, as it will be updated! General Election 2017 outcome! We are Brexit fans at 247 Digital, however our prime objective is to provide you with a comprehensive Brexit [...]

Multilingual SEO: Why Competence Matters

Competence in International SEO Revealed! A-P-P-A-L-L-I-N-G Situation.... When it comes to international expansion, your credibility is at stake. What do your customers want? This digital marketing post is about your international business development policy. How should you handle it? Go for native speakers or polyglots? We found a very interesting article on the World Economy [...]