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Monthly Archives: October 2017


Get Global 2017: The Event for International Expansion

International Trade Made Easy The World is Ours! Zoom on The Get Global Conference While Los Angeles - California enjoys a sunny weather with some 36° c. , the pre-eminent global business conference in the US designed to fuel international growth takes place downtown at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. The agenda is as follows: [...]

The Facts behind Twitter Marketing

The Story behind Twitter What to Know in 2018 Despite its business model issues and its number of active users, Twitter established itself on a specific niche. Twitter was and is in deep troubles, however their future is bright. They will eventually be acquired or find their right business model in the end. The microblogging [...]

10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

Digital Los Angeles Go Global and Act Local in 2018 Once you hit Los Angeles, you will be amazed how locals interact with visitors and tourists. You may be discussing business, digital, tourism or fashion, business owners and citizens easily engage conversations in a very casual manner. We just arrived in Santa Monica for the [...]

Guide to e-Exporting 2018 up-to 2020

Global Trade Trends The Western Economic Decline We all expect the world order to change by 2030 with the Brics countries set to dominate global trade and trends. What to Know for 2018, 2020 and beyond Countries like China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Russia and South Africa will be emerging as the world's powerhouses. With the [...]

International Business Development: From USA to Europe in 2018

Going International Exporting requires Preparation Growing your business internationally is not that easy, but world trade is made simple. 2018 is the year of e-exporting using digital marketing and search optimization. It has never been so easy to find new business opportunities and potential customers via the internet. As it is a scalable solution, expanding [...]

Taking Off to Get Global in Los Angeles Silicon Beach

Business Development How to Prepare a Business Trip in 2018? Travelling from London Tech City to Los Angeles Silicon Beach requires a bit of work to make the most out of your business trip. Here are the basic items any entrepreneur should work on, prior to leaving. Identify the contacts to meet, List all the [...]

Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

Brexit Consequences on Business What could really happen if no deal? In today's business environment, uncertainty is the only certainty for entrepreneurs and CEOs. So many questions, so little answers: Will the EU and Britain make a deal or not? How will this impact Britain's economy? What are the potential consequences on the digital industry? [...]

Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2018

Guide to Quality Backlinks What to know for better SEO A series of new rules will apply in 2018, however fundamentals will not change for years to come. Artificial Intelligence "AI" will Impact SEO. Expect a huge digital transformation and new trends, both on mobile devices and desktops with AI. Marketing professionals will have to [...]

#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

The Prime Minister on LBC Today! What are the main Brexit takeaways? Are London and Great Britain really open? Leading Britain's Conversations (LBC)  is one of UK's leading radio - part of the Global Media Group. LBC is talk radio for the UK, letting you have your say on the big issues of the day and [...]

Google Adwords: Is your Visa Card your Only Added-Value for Customers?

Paid Advertising: Worth It? Is your Bank Account your Market Differentiation? Depending on your market and business mentality, you may want to invest in search engine optimization or Google's paid advertising? Google Adwords is a marketplace, that allows you to bid on selected keywords to run your advertising on the giant's search engine. Google Adwords [...]