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Monthly Archives: November 2017


Going Global with 92% of World’s Growth

Business Development Made International It is understandable that there is a great deal of focus on Brexit and International Trade in the United Kingdom these days. There is a high level of pressure on the Government to reach an agreement with the EU about the terms of exit from the European Union, and on the [...]

Who Gets Top Position? European Digital City Index

2017 Technology Hubs Where does London Stand? When it comes to digital development, entrepreneurs benefit from support and being based in an environment where their work will flourish. This is why small businesses and entrepreneurs should focus on the city they base themselves in as well as the work they want to do. The European [...]

SME: The Heart of the UK Economy

The Pulse of Britain's Growth There will be a change to the way that the Office for National Statistics (ONS) measures the UK economy from December 2017. This change will see information relating to VAT from small firms being included in the growth measurements for the first. Up to this point, GDP estimates were derived [...]

Speed is SEO in 2018

Don't Neglect Page Speed! Everyone should be looking to improve their SEO and given that every year sees new challenges, it is natural that businesses and entrepreneurs want to know what is going to be important in SEO in 2018. As you’d expect, there is no single thing that you can focus on that will [...]

TechWeek Los Angeles 2017: Takeaways

TechWeek Los Angeles Stories and Trends When it comes to innovative technology, it is easy to think of digital solutions and the importance of the internet. People can tap into the next big thing from wherever they are in the world, and this is brilliant. There is a lot to be said for developments which [...]

5 SEO Trends to Watch in 2018

When it comes to being found by customers, a good search engine ranking is crucial. This is why businesses need to focus on Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short. With SEO, you need to be aware of the latest trends and what Google and the other search engines deem relevant. This is why it [...]

EU, the technology regulator?

EU, Internet Regulator? Does the Web Need a Regulator? The size and scale of the fine that the European Union Commissions imposed on Google, of €2.7 billion (or €2.4 billion USD), has resulted in a great deal of debate about the Commission and what it is trying to achieve with its actions. This is a [...]

Global Power City Index 2017: London Number 1

2017: London is the Winner The Most Attractive Business and Finance Hub Despite Brexit (as they say), London gets top spot in the Mori Memorial Foundation. It is understandable that there has been some doom and gloom in the London business sector of late. The impending threat of Brexit has left many business professionals wondering [...]

Web Marketing Internship Wanted in London

Join our London Team of Web Marketers Internship: Urgent Seeking an Intern, based in London, in web marketing and Account Based Marketing (ABM). Skills required are: We need a talented web marketer to join their dynamic team to enhance their client base, and support the business development in key account marketing. Your role will consist in helping [...]

Focus On International E-Commerce

How to e-Export? Digital boosts Business With evolving technology, it is easier to say that the world is becoming a smaller place. Travel around the world has become easier and more affordable and with internet connectivity, you can converse with someone on the other side of the world as easily as you would with someone [...]