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Monthly Archives: December 2017


2017 EU List of Fiscal Havens

Is the EU 27 a Fiscal Haven? About Tax Avoidance There is sometimes a lot to be said for having a “name and shame” policy and this is something the European Union appears to agree with. This is because Finance Ministers for the EU have published a “blacklist” of tax havens. This is all part [...]

How To Get High SEO Ranking in 2018

About High SEO Ranking Not Enough in 2018! When it comes to SEO rankings, there are many different factors to consider. There is also the fact that you cannot solely focus on search engines, you need to think about your audience too. This should help you to shape your content and your website. Focusing on [...]

Tech Cities 2018: Fresh Digital Thinking

Tech Cities in The World Europe, USA and Asia There are many reasons why the city itself has a big impact on the tech sector and for the industries that operate in it, including: Cities play a big role in drawing talent to an area The affordability and what a city has to offer is [...]

London: Finance Hub Post Brexit

Global Business and Finance Hub London Still Europe’s Finance Hub Post Brexit There is no denying that many politicians and business leaders will be looking at the opportunities available when Britain leaves the European Union. There will be a strong desire to bring many of the leading financial institutions to cities across Europe. Destinations like [...]

Guide to Content Marketing in 2018

Digital Marketing Is Conversation It is Important to Tap into Emotions Here is what to know in 2018 about digital marketing Attracting readers and engaging with them (potential customers) are the ultimate objectives with content marketing and distribution. There are many different ways you can focus on style. When you consider writing style, you need to [...]

Facebook adds 800 jobs in London

2,300 staff by the end of 2018 Despite Brexit, Facebook bets on Britain Brexit or not, Tech Nation is a safe bet for the future, thanks to London's business ecosystem. Given that so much of the media focus about Brexit has been about the volume of big name companies leaving the UK, it is always [...]

4 SEO Skills for 2018

4 Must-Have SEO Skills What to know in search marketing Link building is far from being dead A mobile-first approach for your web site is a must in 2018 Start using video marketing to engage with your audience Voice search is on the rise Are you ready for 2018? Follow this conversation & engage with [...]

The State of SEO in 2018

SEO In 2018 Google Directions in 2018 Anyone who has tried to keep pace with Google, and their ever-changing algorithms, will know how difficult a task this can be. Even though the past year hasn’t witnessed some of the big changes, and subsequent meltdowns, of the past, there has still been a lot of updates [...]

Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

Regulatory Alignment We Are Confused We gave the PM the benefit of the doubt, Theresa May might be on the edge of getting out of Number 10. What does "regulatory alignment" mean?  It means nothing, it is nothing! The regulatory alignment is one of these meaningless phrases, like Brexit means Brexit or "Red, White, and [...]

Brexit Opportunity or Failure

UK Exit from EU Getting Closer to a Deal? As we move closer to Britain leaving the European Union, it would be fair to say that most people are still happy to stick by their original opinion. There hasn’t been a lot of new evidence provided that will make people change their minds, one way [...]