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Are You Ready To Go Global?

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Are You Ready To Go Global?

Reach Out To The World

Guide to leveraging your business

Brexit is to affect the EU and UK businesses, whatever their size. Here is one of the many solutions to deal with 2020’s next-generation trade agreements.

Going Global means that businesses have to reach out to new markets, business opportunities and customers alike. With Brexit happening now, how will entrepreneurs manage to expand their business and face the upcoming challenges?

Brexit will reshape the future of Britain’s economy and business for decades to come. The UK and EU business models have now changed.

International SEO and multilingual digital marketing is one of the best way to export your business and increase sales. Ready for your digital transformation?

Are You Ready To Go Global?

Go International Marketing

Going digital to expand domestically or internationally requires specific digital marketing actions. Growth hacking is a challenge, that business owners are often puzzled with. How to handle it? Where to start?

Here are the major action items:

  • Daily content
  • Expand network of influencers
  • Build your brand and presence organically
  • Work on SEO, digital marketing, and networking

B to B? Content Marketing on LinkedIn

  • Use employees to amplify messages
  • Follow specific pages
  • Demonstrate thought leadership
  • Attract more followers
  • Take advantage of publishing on LinkedIn’s Pulse
  • Make your Content stand out with multimedia & video
  • Add pertinent hashtags
  • Long form content highly recommended

SlideShare to Tap into Visual Tendencies

9 Tips to use on SlideShare:

  • Presentation 10 to 20 pages
  • Be visual
  • Get to the point 20 images for 20 pages
  • 25 words per page
  • Embed SlideShare on Twitter, LinkedIn and blog
  • Use keywords in titles, meta tags and tags
  • Slice your presentation is different blog posts
  • Infographics, Webinars & Videos
  • Use the 4-1-1 Rule

You may also use other tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PPC (paid advertising). Reaching out to the 25 social influencers in your industry or business segment will prove to be very useful. Do you know how to cope with influencer marketing?

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Are You Ready To Go Global?

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