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Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

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Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

Better Reading is UX

UX is part of SEO

When it comes to ranking highly on search engines, SEO is vital, but there are many components of search engine optimisation

There is a great level of focus on appealing to the search engines but in recent times, there has been an increased level of importance placed on creating readable text. In fact, there is a growing realisation that readability will improve rankings, helping you to draw more traffic to your site.

There are many reasons why improving the readability of your site is important but two key factors are:

  • The increasing use of voice search
  • Search engine algorithms are improving and becoming more human-like

You only have to look around and see the increasing number of voice options for accessing the internet. Whether this is on your phone or through a standalone device, more and more people are asking questions and speaking to their device when looking for something online.

This means the way people engage with search engines is changing, and this has led to a change in the content that you need to provide.

Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

People need answers that make sense

After all, if people are asking questions of a device, there is a high chance that the answer will be read back to them. This means you need to offer content that makes sense when it is read out, and this comes through improving the readability of your text.

The leading search engines want to offer results and responses that can be understood, and this is why improving the readability of text is going to be of benefit to search engines, to your audience and ultimately, to you and your business.

There is no denying that search engines are improving at predicting what people want to read, and you could argue that Google is able to mimic humans at a better rate than ever before.

A lot of this is down to how the search engine scans the text, in the way that a human will, and this means the readability of the text has to be of benefit.

Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

The State of Search Engines

Search engines now scan text like humans

People scan through text quickly, they pay attention to the subheadings that standout and they will read the opening sentence of paragraphs.

The way people view text, search engines are copying, and this is why you need to be able to provide content in a way that appeals to humans because ultimately, this is what search engines are now looking for, and what they will be looking for more intently in the future.

One of the most important aspects of readable content is transition words, as these make it easier for people to connect sentences.

Sentences should be short and easy to comprehend. Sentences should contain fewer difficult and long words if possible, and the structure of the content should make sense.

If you have been focusing on search engines when creating content, you may find that your attractiveness to a search engine starts to wane.

This is because search engines now demand content that people want to read, which ensures readability is essential for SEO.

Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

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Better SEO Ranking, Better Reading!

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