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2017 EU List of Fiscal Havens

Is the EU 27 a Fiscal Haven? About Tax Avoidance There is sometimes a lot to be said for having a “name and shame” policy and this is something the European Union appears to agree with. This is because Finance Ministers for the EU have published a “blacklist” of tax havens. This is all part [...]

Brexit Opportunity or Failure

UK Exit from EU Getting Closer to a Deal? As we move closer to Britain leaving the European Union, it would be fair to say that most people are still happy to stick by their original opinion. There hasn’t been a lot of new evidence provided that will make people change their minds, one way [...]

Brexit Bill: 50 Bn. of Incompetence?

Brexit Talks EU Exit gets problematic UK exit from the EU is at a turning point for all parties involved. How on earth put a number on the table, before you know what the deal is all about. As per Article 50, the UK has financial obligations up-to 2020, not beyond. It appears as though [...]

Get Global 2017: The Event for International Expansion

International Trade Made Easy The World is Ours! Zoom on The Get Global Conference While Los Angeles - California enjoys a sunny weather with some 36° c. , the pre-eminent global business conference in the US designed to fuel international growth takes place downtown at the Los Angeles Theatre Center. The agenda is as follows: [...]

#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

The Prime Minister on LBC Today! What are the main Brexit takeaways? Are London and Great Britain really open? Leading Britain's Conversations (LBC)  is one of UK's leading radio - part of the Global Media Group. LBC is talk radio for the UK, letting you have your say on the big issues of the day and [...]

David Davis against ECJ for EU migrants!

What is May's Position on EU Migrants? UK Courts vs European Court of Justice We are right at the heart of the first (and final) clash between the EU and Britain. This blog post is to illustrate why Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt are likely to be disappointed by the Government's position. As Britain leaves [...]

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@The3million are out to protest in London

Who is The 3 Million Group? The organization is supposed to represent the 3.2 million EU migrants living Britain, including myself... This blog post is about EU migrants & EU laws. We came here under European laws, the British People held the EU referendum and decided to leave the Union. When Britain leaves the EU, it will [...]

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