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Brexit and Technology: Article 50

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Brexit and Technology: Article 50

Triggering Article 50 for the EU Exit!

Brexit Press Review

First, let’s take a look at the newspaper front pages – March 29th, 2017 !

What’s next for the UK Tech in Brexit Britain?

Some entrepreneurs will be bothered, as the UK is on the verge to lose access to the Single Market. They also fear a shortage of EU tech. talents in the industry.

As Britain’s PM signs the EU exit notification, what to expect for the UK technology sector – known as Tech Nation and Tech City. To-date, this is nearly impossible to tell you what to expect. However, here are my predictions for the EU exit:

  • Negotiations will be rough,
  • The EU will try to get billions out of Britain,
  • The UK will not give billions to the EU,
  • There is no legal basis for the £50 billion Brexit bill,
  • EU and UK expats will be protected as a matter of emergency,
  • Negotiations are not expect to begin before next September…

Brexit Questions for the UK Technology Industry

Tech Nation and Tech City UK are the most business-friendly ecosystem for digital entrepreneurs & the most dynamic tech hub in Europe.

  • The UK economy is strong for the next 2 years,
  • UK’s Tech industry will NOT lose its leadership in today’s world,
  • The City of London and the financial sector will come out with new business models and adapt to the new situation,
  • Experts expect the UK growth to decline,
  • Trade agreements will have to be signed with all major countries starting with the Common Wealth & the USA…

French expat in London for 15 years, I have no doubt Britain will reinvent itself and will discover new business opportunities in the new environment. When the UK rejected the €, experts were predicting a decline, a recession and unemployment.

Do believe in Global Britain and change your digital strategy for 2019!

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Brexit and Technology

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