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The Brexit Negotiations Timeline – June 2017 Update

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The Brexit Negotiations Timeline – June 2017 Update

Brexit Negotiations Timeline (Updated June 2017)

At the heart of Brexit Negotiations…

How will the Brexit negotiations go on? What is the planning for leaving the EU? Who are the major actors?

As Theresa May triggers Article 50, Angela Merkel has already refused to hold parallel talks: Brexit divorce & new trade agreement with the EU. The match just started on Brexit Day! What will the Brexit negotiations time look like?

Here are the major deadlines:

  • Article 50 notification on March 29th – 2017,
  • The EU Parliament will issue its resolution on negotiating position in April,

Update on Brexit after General Election – June 2017

While the initial plan is listed below (item 1 to 4), the results created some confusions both in leave and remain camps. To put simply, here is the conclusion of UK’s elections:

Jeremy Corbyn from Labour “won”, but he lost. Theresa May from Conservatives “lost”, but she won. Do you get it?

In fact, Theresa May’s results was expect to get a massive win and she got a narrow win. Labour was expected to lose big time, they achieved their best results in years. At the end of the day, The Conservatives are the largest party and they won the greatest number of seats in the UK Parliament.

The Prime Minister has to form a coalition Government, thus delaying the start of Brexit Talks. Britain’s EU exit is also likely to be softened. However, I would not even comment on this. British politics and public feeling about the EU are both unpredictable in today’s world.  Time will really tell us!

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The Brexit Negotiations Timeline - June 2017 Update

Brexit Initial Schedule

1- Takeaway: The draft EU deadlines for Brexit will be made public in March-April

  • The UK and EU 27 Summit will be held in June to agree process and method,

2- Takeaway: On April 29th, the EU Council will meet to agree guidelines and deadlines,

  • Initial discussions are expected to start sometimes in May,
  • The real negotiations will take place in the Autumn of 2017,

3- Takeaway: During the months of June and October, the EU Parliament will give the Brexit mandate to Barnier,

  • Discussions will be broken down into different chapters and challenges,
  • Discussions are supposed to end and be agreed by October 2018,

4- Takeaway: The ratification process will start in each country until March 2019.

You may download the Institute for Government PDF file, that will give you insights >>

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The Brexit Negotiations Timeline - June 2017 Update

What’s is the next Brexit Talks Timeline?

The EU leaders are losing patience, as the UK democracy goes by its own timing. The rest is irrelevant!

The newly-elected UK Parliament has been re-united for the first time, since the General Elections. The House of Commons Speaker was elected following the UK tradition (must-watch) . The Schedule is still unclear, as we write these lines. The trend today is towards a soft Brexit.

Before talks with the EU can begin, Theresa May has to reach a deal to form the coalition Government. The Prime Minister will then have to face the Queen’s Speech. It was supposed to happen on June 19th, but it had to be re-scheduled due to Britain’s political agenda.

Whatever they say and want, Guy Verhofstadt, Michel Barnier and Jean Claude Juncker just have to hang in there and be patient. Britain will Brexit at its own space, business as usual!

The UK wants to separate from the European Union. Judging by economic and political outcomes, it looks like it is getting its wish. Years back, the French voted against the EU. They got “screwed” by their political leaders, who decided to go their own way (further EU integrations).

Will the UK follow the same pattern? I sincerely doubt it!

Britain will Brexit at its own space, without sacrificing the democracy & principles.Click To Tweet

The Brexit Negotiations Timeline - June 2017 Update

The Business and Digital Community

What to expect for the business community both in the EU and in Britain?

Nobody really knows what will come out of the Brexit negotiations, but I am very optimistic. Both start-ups and small businesses will adapt to this new business environment. The UK economy is resilient and Project Fear is all scaremongering both from leavers and remainers.

French expat in London for 15 years, I lived on the continent for 30 years in 5 different EU countries. The EU with 12 members was great, but the EU with 27 countries is a complete chaos.

  • The EU leaders went for quantity vs quality,
  • Will the EU survive?
  • Will other countries follow?

Time will also tell us! Let’s be positive and optimistic, as Brexit will bring in new challenges and huge business opportunities. The easiest and cost-effective way to go global is to use the internet as a leverage to expand internationally.

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The Brexit Negotiations Timeline - June 2017 Update


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