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Brexit News UK Tech – 13 June 2017

Home/Tech Hubs/Brexit News UK Tech – 13 June 2017

Brexit News UK Tech – 13 June 2017

Brexit News Today and UK Tech

Will Brexit Impact UK’s Technology Industry?

Here are the Brexit News today from various sources & major newspapers… Save this page, as it will be updated!

General Election 2017 outcome!

We are Brexit fans at 247 Digital, however our prime objective is to provide you with a comprehensive Brexit press review. The General Election 2017 saw a major unexpected political shake up. Theresa May claimed to give us a strong and stable leadership.

The Prime Minister lost her majority in the House of Commons & we now have a coalition of chaos. What happened? Well 3 factors are to be remembered:

  1. Theresa May had a poor & arrogant campaign.
  2. Remain voters and Youngsters mainly voted Labour.
  3. Jeremy Corbyn made unrealistic promises and voters swallowed them.
  4. If Jeremy Corbyn’s manifesto was to be implemented, the UK would go bankrupt.

As a Brexit supporter and French expat in London for 15 years, the EU leaders and Germany are laughing at the UK – big times. It looks like Theresa May is still in charge with a DUP coalition (Ireland). The PM’s position is very unstable and weak, we doubt she will stay in power for long.

What are the Brexit Takeaways

  • What’s next in the Brexit Talks?
  • Hard or Soft Brexit?
  • Can Theresa May stay in Number 10?
  • If yes, how long for?
  • Is Theresa May credibility impacted?
  • Will this have any impact on the UK economy?

As of June 13th 2017, here are the UK Cabinet members.

The only certainty is uncertainty, days before Brexit talks begin. Major highlights over the past months are listed below:

29/4/2017: UK Trade Deal, not a priority!

27/4/2017: General Elections in June

14/4/2017: Road to Brexit

6/4/2017: What Trump thinks of Brexit

29/03/2017: UK Press Review – Article 50 & Brexit

24/03/2017: Retail sales beat expectations in February

23/03/17: Richard Branson calls for second EU referendum

23/03/17: Isle of Man & Brexit

23/03/17: Brexit and the City

15/03/17: Sturgeon to drop her EU membership plans

15/03/17: Independent Scotland in the EU is impossible

14/03/17: Theresa May warns Nicola Sturgeon about a second Scotland Referendum

14/03/17: The UK Pound is down on stock markets

14/03/17: Theresa May wins and she is now able to trigger Article 50

13/03/17: Article 50 explained by BBC

09/03/17: What Brexit will mean for UK’s Tech sector?

7/03/17: Theresa May gets another defeat in the House of Lords

5/03/17: Gina Miller won the Brexit Ruling in Supreme Court

1/03/17: Theresa May sets out her Post-Brexit digital strategy for Britain

18/02/17: Brexit could be the best thing for the UK Tech industry, report

23/6/16: The EU referendum took place and 52% voted to leave and take back control

Will Brexit Impact UK's Technology Industry? June 2017

Here are the 6 major “Brexit media outlets” in the UK:

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Will Brexit Impact UK's Technology Industry? June 2017


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