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Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

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Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

Regulatory Alignment

We Are Confused

We gave the PM the benefit of the doubt, Theresa May might be on the edge of getting out of Number 10.

What does “regulatory alignment” mean?  It means nothing, it is nothing! The regulatory alignment is one of these meaningless phrases, like Brexit means Brexit or “Red, White, and Blue Brexit”.

The EU and Remain supporters are very good at coming up with “vaporware” and “buzzwords”, while not respecting the result of the EU Referendum. Brexit means Britain’s exit – leaving the Single Market, the Customs Union and the European Court of Justice. This is what “taking back control” is all about.

It was voted by a majority of 17.4 m voters with a 72.2% turn-out. Not respecting the People’s choice is strictly undemocratic, whatever the reasons you come out with.

1 vote = 1 result = 1 action

Should you change “the golden rule”, you will be considered as a dictator.

Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

Theresa May and the DUP

Brexit Leverage

Theresa May and the Cabinet showed signs of weakness during the Brexit talks with Michel Barnier. Only God knows why!

The EU is the world’s largest free trade zone and it has had the weakest economy for decades. May’s first weakness was to offer money, £20 Bn. and later about £50 Bn.

How on earth can she commit to such huge amounts of money, without getting a proper invoice and not knowing what the trade deal will be like?

No later than December 4th – 2017, the DUP saga came up. Here is what exactly happened, according to the latest newspapers:

  1. While she was right in the midst of Brexit negotiations, Theresa May was about to make a deal with Juncker – in which Northern Ireland would have to go for a “so-called regulatory alignment”.
  2. The PM did not discuss the matter with Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP.
  3. SkyNews reports that DUP leader Arlene Foster ‘did not see Brexit text until the last minute’

Whatever your political stance and views on Brexit, it shows how incompetent Theresa May is with our exit from the EU. Britain is going through strange times. Even the far-left socialist Jeremy Corbyn is on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street.

“We want a country with a government that works for everyone. Jeremy Corbyn wants a Britain where everyone works for the government. “

Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

The EU is Behind Us

We are Leaving the European Union

Like it or not, Brexit isn’t over.

The situation is very messy, but there will be no second EU referendum and we will be exiting from the EU in 2019. As a French expat in London for 15 years, I lived on the Continent for 35 years.

I lived, worked and paid taxes in 5 EU countries for 3 years each minimum. I experienced the EU from within and went through the switch to the Euro and the Schengen travel zone.

The very controversial EU free movement deal was most unpopular in its infancy. Years later with terrorism and immigration, the feeling on the Continent has not really changed.

Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

How Brexit Happened

The EU 2018 is the number 1 issue

The real problem is what the European Union was supposed to be back in 1951, 1953 and 1992 vs what it is in 2018.

Looking back, the Common Market with 12 sovereign Nations worked rather well. Instead of going for quality, the European Union went for quantity with a bunch of 27 countries with so little in common.

Launching the Single Currency and the controversial EU free movement (a.k.a. Schengen Area)  were also major mistakes. Don’t forget the EU is all about people, customs, traditions and habits!

Brexit: Theresa May vs DUP Saga

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