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Businesses Underfund SEO and Digital Marketing!

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Businesses Underfund SEO and Digital Marketing!

Why Entrepreneurs Underfund Digital

Search Marketing is left Out

It is very simple, most small business owners are busy running their daily activities. They also do not understand SEO and digital marketing in general.

Digital is often the forgotten one in businesses. While business owners know about Google Adwords and the core principles of paid search, they simply misunderstand organic search placements. They believe it will come by itself. We must confess this is not the case at all, unless you get very lucky (1 in 500 million).

Is SEO Free?

Is search marketing free? Yes and no! Google will crawl your website and will work out the ranking it deserves, based on the search giant’s factors. Most of Google’s SEO ranking factors are known to experts.

  1. Google bot will crawl your website for free, true!
  2. However, they are dozens of specific requirements to be listed in the top 3 results.

Do entrepreneurs really assess the true value of search and digital marketing?

Businesses Underfund SEO and Digital Marketing!

Meeting Google’s SEO Ranking Factors

Working on these multiple ranking factors is time-consuming and require expertise to hit Google’s Top 3 positions.

As a matter of consequence, this is NOT free. Whatever the solution you go for, there will be a cost attached to it. It may be your time, staff or a SEO professional.

Discover SEO Guide for beginners published by MOZ, it will give you some ideas and good digital insights from a very reputable source in the industry. This will not get your job done, but you will better assess what it takes. The other questions (you might be interested in) are:

  1. What is the cost of SEO?
  2. How to hire a digital agency or SEO consultant?
  3. What does it take to get initial results? How long does it take?…
  4. Here are 34 questions to ask to the SEO expert, you intend to hire.

Here is some customer success stories for you to read.

Businesses Underfund SEO and Digital Marketing!

Do It Yourself or Get a Digital Agency?

While there are multiple cases depending on your market segment and digital knowledge, business owners are better off using digital professionals… in most cases.

The Do It Yourself solution

7 important questions:

  1. Do you want to hire new staff to run it?
  2. What will it be your digital strategy?
  3. Will you be able to get a unified user experience?
  4. A seamless digital experience is required cross-device and cross-platform.
  5. Will you have time to supervise all of it?
  6. Will you understand the issues that will be addressed?
  7. How will you fund a full-time job?…

So many options, so many solutions depending on your specific case, requirements, expectations & digital marketing budget.

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The SEO Professional

Opting for a contractor will help you benefit from a digital expertise and an external vision on your business. Fresh digital thinking is always needed from time to time in any organization. Having fresh business thinking, business intelligence and insights from outsiders is most valuable.

Whatever your decision, always go for a scalable solution. Your cashflow is most important, in today’s fast-moving marketplace. If you decide to go for a service provider, make sure you talk to his/her customers. Get the true story behind his/her latest performances and level of service.

Any SEO agency must give you their credentials / customer references with business names, contact person, telephone numbers and website for you to visit. One last thing: Don’t forget to measure performance!

Do you have your answer? Of course not! It takes time and brainstorming to take such an important decision. However, the only objective (to bear in mind) is that it’s all about qualified sales leads from your website and/or qualified sales calls from potential customers.

Conclusion: Underfunding SEO and digital marketing will cost you even more. A sound business is 65% existing customers and 35% new customers, year on year.

What is the % within your organization?

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Businesses Underfund SEO and Digital Marketing!

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