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2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity – Updated April 2017

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2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity – Updated April 2017

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Updated April, 27 – 2017

With the 2017 French Elections coming up along with Britain’s General Elections 2017, it may be the right time to consider why Brexit will be a success for the UK economy and its digital industry.

Let’s give you some useful links, that will help you keep up-to-date with elections in both countries:

What to know about the elections both in France and in Britain:

2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity

When Business Models come first!

Both countries have a different vision of society. Their expectations are miles away from each other.

Approaches are different: Free Trade in France vs Fair Trade in the UK!

What is Britain’s Secret Weapon?

We all know that the UK always gets better results than France:

  • Growth Rate,
  • Unemployment Rate,
  • Financial services,
  • Digital industy,
  • Entrepreneurship…

Britain is far more business-friendly than France. Its ecosystem is one of the world’s most reliable and efficient. The UK’s Brexit will only strengthen its business environment even more, whatever “so-called experts” say. France is far behind in Doing Business 2017 and it is listed number 29.

As a good example, here are the latest numbers for incorporated companies in the United Kingdom – from Jan. 2017 till March 2017:

  • 170,143 company incorporations for that given period,
  • 108,919 dissolutions,
  • The total number of registered and active companies is  3,896,755
  • This gives us a net increase of 63,286 companies since 31st December 2016.
The UK in recession has always performed better than France. Here is why! Click To Tweet

London Ranked #1

PcW published Cities Of Opportunity 2016 Index. There are awesome news for Britain’s digital economy. London is selected as the World’s #1 Global Business City.

UK Tech and Tech Nation in Numbers 2016

Tech City UK London Numbers

Key findings and highlights are:

  • Intellectual Capital of Innovation,
  • Technology Readiness,
  • City Gateway,
  • Transportation & Infrastructure,
  • Health & Safety,
  • Sustainability for the Environment,
  • and, above all, UK Tech at a Glance!

UK Tech and Jobs 2017

2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity - Updated April 2017 (jobs)

UK Tech and Tech Nation in Numbers 2017

2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity - Updated April 2017 (sales)

Which Cities are in the Top 5?

Indicators for the next few years…

The most attractive cities are all over the world from Asia and Europe to America:

  • #5 Amsterdam
  • #4 Paris
  • #3 Toronto
  • #2 Singapore
  • #1 London

Download PcW’s 108-page report >>

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2016 Report: Cities of Opportunity

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