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Professional Copywriting Services

Unique Content Creation Services

Copywriting is more complex & time-consuming that you may think. Content creation is the toughest thing in digital marketing.

You don’t become a good copywriter overnight, it takes years of best practices and training. Here is the process to go through with customers and parties involved:

  • Researching,
  • Interviewing,
  • Project management,
  • Image sourcing,
  • Writing,
  • Planning…

Getting the tone and the style right are essential to unique copywriting services.

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Professional Copywriting Services

What does Digital Content include?

Becoming a digital content publisher will allow you to boost your internet visibility and SEO. No question about it!

Here are the 7 items we can work on with you:

  • Blog posts between 300 and 1.500 words – depending on the scope of your project,
  • Short video content is the big trend for the years to come – consider it,
  • White papers are about 2.000 words and they must inform/educate the reader with links to more resources,
  • Social media marketing also requires copywriting skills in 140 characters or so,
  • Social marketing content has to be attracting and adapted to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn,
  • Case studies are also part of your content strategy and editorial plan,
  • Industry-specific news and trends are must-have…

The length of your daily digital content blog posts will depend on how long the readers stick to it. There are 2 schools, when it comes to content creation:

  • Dense content: short, informative, direct to the point with links to extra resources,
  • Long content is designed for white papers and case studies,

300, 1.500 or 3.000 words is not the issue. Getting visitors interested is key! Click To Tweet

The #1 priority is to get your readers highly interested in your content, give them takeaways or tips and have them come back to you blog or website on a regular basis. That simple!

Do you know of any content tricks for our readers?  Email uk [@] , call +44 208 123 00 78 or contact us 24/7 (reply within hours) !

Professional Copywriting Services