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David Davis against ECJ for EU migrants!

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David Davis against ECJ for EU migrants!

What is May’s Position on EU Migrants?

UK Courts vs European Court of Justice

We are right at the heart of the first (and final) clash between the EU and Britain.

This blog post is to illustrate why Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt are likely to be disappointed by the Government’s position. As Britain leaves the bloc, it will take back control of its laws.

The Great Repeal Bill was introduced early 2017 with further explanations in July 2017. The Bill is designed to ensure that the EU rules and laws will be converted into UK Common Law on the day after exit as on the day before. This means that all the EU rules will be applicable in the United Kingdom on Brexit day.

The idea is to provide certainty to workers, consumers, citizens and businesses all across the country.

Red line for Downing Street

No later than today, David Davis stated that the EU requirement was a red line for London. In no way, the 3.2 million EU migrants in Britain will be governed by the European Court of Justice beyond 2019.

Red line for Michel Barnier

As far as the EU is concerned, there is no way the EU migrants living in Britain will be under UK laws. They must be governed by the European Court of Justice… and EU laws.

EU laws: David Davis against ECJ for EU migrants!

What’s next?

I doubt the UK will back down on this one. But there might be a way out of this mess…

This issue is a deal breaker. Both parties may agree to set up a special Jurisdiction that will end up governing both the 3 million and British in Europe. This solution would be a compromise and a way to save the Brexit deal. However, this would cost EU and UK taxpayers a small fortune.

Let’s not worry! There are many key issues down the line, that are likely to disrupt the Brexit negotiations: financial settlement, trade agreement, transition deal (if any)…

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EU laws: David Davis against ECJ for EU migrants!

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