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Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

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Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

Fresh Digital Thinking

What’s new in Brexit London?

As the UK is about to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to start the EU exit, it’s time to come out with Fresh Digital Thinking and find out how to make a success of Brexit in a Global Britain.

Britain’s  technology niche is growing fast due to its business-friendly environment and ecosystem for start-ups and entrepreneurs. In today’s Brexit Britain, any digital business must have a fresh-thinking approach.

New challenges and opportunities will come up in the near future. Here is a 2017 guideline on how to move forward with it:

  1. Get digital insights for 2017 worldwide,
  2. Understand the Brexit consequences for your business,
  3. Arrange for brainstorming with your team and experts,
  4. Review of your existing business models,
  5. Reinvent your digital strategy with target countries and customers,
  6. Work on a fresh digital strategy for you to think global and act local,
  7. Be aware of the pitfalls during its implementation

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Article 50: Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

Brexit resources from Tech UK

Tech UK is a non-profit organization, that gives digital insights on a frequent basis.

You can find insights, services, training, events, Brexit hubs, newsletters and a large digital community online. Here are 2 reports they published in January for you to review:

UK Tech Digital Brexit Consequences 2017 (part 1)

UK’s Digital sectors and their exposure to Brexit  (part 2)

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Article 50: Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

Go Global vs Go Local

The question that will come up to most high-tech entrepreneurs is: how will this affect my ability to deal with Europe? What will the new trade deals look like?

Going global may be the best approach to have in tomorrow’s digital ecosystem. We already know, there will be a free trade agreement with the USA. How about Europe? How about the UK market ?

Going global may be the most obvious strategy to go for, however the UE market is just next door. This would be stupid to miss out so many business opportunities. Here are 3 items to consider:

  1. Don’t forget America is the easiest market for Britain’s start-ups to get into,
  2. Go Global,
  3. Act Local…

Is the “Go Global and Think Local” concept any good for your business? Email uk [@] or call +44 208 123 00 78

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Article 50: Fresh Digital Thinking from Brexit London

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