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How To Get High SEO Ranking in 2018

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How To Get High SEO Ranking in 2018

About High SEO Ranking

Not Enough in 2018!

When it comes to SEO rankings, there are many different factors to consider.

There is also the fact that you cannot solely focus on search engines, you need to think about your audience too. This should help you to shape your content and your website. Focusing on obtaining high SEO rankings is important in 2018 but it is certainly not enough.

These are some of the things you need to bear in mind in 2018.

How To Get High Ranking in 2018

Traffic is Key!

Track and Understand Organic Traffic

Pertinence is at the forefront of traffic, artificial intelligence and search engine optimization!

The whole point of SEO is to be found when people look for what you offer, so organic traffic is often seen as the main aim, or even the Holy Grail, when it comes to search engine optimisation.

The fact that organic traffic is traffic that you aren’t paying for makes it hugely appealing but it also makes it more likely that there is a connection with your audience.

Understanding where you get organic traffic from or what helps you to generate organic traffic allows you to do the things that matter while allowing you to avoid wasting time and energy on issues that don’t matter.

How To Get High Ranking in 2018

Bounce Rate

How interesting is your content?

Is examining the bounce rate of organic traffic crucial or not?

Getting people to your site organically is important but you need to know how or why you are losing visitors from your site.

If you have a high bounce rate, look at your landing pages and see if there are pages that see people turning away from you. If there are pages that let you down, test elements and try to provide users with stronger reasons to stay on site.

Organic Conversion Rates

Getting people to your site is one thing but if they don’t buy or take action, do they matter. It would be better to have five people landing on your site and having three buyers than 1,000 people landing on your site but only encouraging two people to buy from you.

In all of these aspects, make sure you check things like:

  • Organic traffic by location
  • Organic traffic by device used to access your page
  • Organic traffic by browser used to access your page

Understanding these elements can help you to make your site more appealing to certain users or remove the aspects that people dislike about your site.

You also want to make sure that you don’t just look at Google, as there are other search engines. Bing is also worth considering and of course, different browsers have their own favored search engines, so there are many ways that people can find you and reach your site.

Yes, Google is by far the biggest search engine but you may be able to reach people through the use of other sites.

How To Get High Ranking in 2018

Other aspects to consider include:

  • How visible your locality is
  • What your click through rate (CTR) is
  • How many of your pages have been crawled on a daily basis every 90 days
  • If you have duplicate titles or descriptions on site
  • Any crawl errors on your site

Focusing on these aspects will help you to achieve better SEO results but they will also assist you in creating a better user experience for your audience.

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How To Get High SEO Ranking in 2018

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