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Content Marketing: Growth in London

Content Creation coupled with Content Distribution

May it be for your offsite or onsite communications support,  content marketing requires you know your target audience.

Addressing and engaging with your community will leverage lead generation and sales revenues. Both content creation and content distribution are game changers.

Content marketing, THE  marketing approach for your brand awareness!  Creating and distributing unique and relevant content to a defined audience will drive sales leads and growth.

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Your target audience must be identified to drive social engagement, internet visibility, brand recognition and lead generation.

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Content Marketing, a Must!

16 points to help you decide about Digital Marketing!

Content Marketing may sound attractive. Bear in mind this is a tedious job, that always pays off!

  1. Talk about your industry, then your clients and finally about you.
  2. Ask yourself this question! Do I need Google to generate sales leads or not?
  3. Yes? Then you have to deal with content creation, marketing and distribution.
  4. The difficult task is to create unique and quality content.
  5. Define your editorial strategy along with your frequency.
  6. Which are the right social networks for you? LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook…?
  7. When to publish and distribute on social media networks?
  8. Which are the social media tools to use?
  9. How to publish, share, engage with others and grow your online community?
  10. Who are the social influencers in your industry? How to engage with them?
  11. What does your audience expect from you? Any idea?
  12. Do you have the editorial skills? Do you have the SEO skills?
  13. Do you have the time? Can you hire someone to do it internally?
  14. Your time is money. Is it worth getting a service provider for all of it or not?
  15. While you may be willing to get sales leads from Google, are you ready for it?
  16. Have you tried Google Adwords? Willing to pull out your credit card?

You have to compare apples and apples!

While some businesses will live with PPC, others don’t have the budget for Google Adwords. Don’t forget Adwords is an ongoing process, that never stops.

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Content Marketing Services London

Content Marketing Best Practices

Valuable & Fresh Content Quality for your Audience

How Valuable and Fresh should your Digital Content be? This is one of the keys to your success on the internet.

Make no mistake, content marketing takes more than creating, sharing and distributing content. Not only you have to identity and know your audience by heart, you also need to improve your band awareness and brand recognition on the market.

Consistent content marketing, SEO, partnerships, online PR and engagement on social media will boost your visibility and generate qualified B2B sales leads.

To put it simply, search engines love fresh content as much as your community. Updating your website with interesting content will get noticed. Keeping your blog / website up-to-date will attract visitors & potential customers.

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B2B websites should produce digital content and take the pulse of their industry on frequent occasions.

Content Marketing Services London

Digital Content Made Shareable

Attracting your Audience

Engaging on Social Media will boost Lead Generation

Let’s define what digital content is all about. In today’s fast-moving market, this is quite unclear in entrepreneurs’ minds!

Content comes in different forms:

  • Text
  • Video (Facebook Live, Twitter, YouTube …)
  • Radio
  • Digital Podcast
  • Online PR
  • Photos (Instagram and Snapchat)
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Whitepapers

Mixing texts with videos, podcasts, infographics … will create a positive user-experience. Educating your target online audience is a prime objective. It will generate recognition, leads and sales.

Sharing is caring!

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Making your content shareable is key. Consequently, we will include:

  • Audience Profiling
  • Competition Analysis
  • Identify important subjects and topics
  • Identify the appropriate social networks and social influencers
  • Select the online tools to make your content as shareable as possible
  • Distribute your content and engage with followers, friends and online visitors

Not only you will build your credibility and e-reputation, but you will be identified by decision makersSocial media dashboards and tools will help us take the digital pulse of your industry and create data insights.

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