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Editorial Plan: Blog and Social Media

Best Editorial Practices for your Content Marketing

According to Content Marketing Institute, 70% of B2B marketers will publish more content in 2017 than ever  before.

You will find on this page a complete A-Z guide for you to plan your content and editorial plan for the months and the year to come.

Here are the 8 items to action today for an outstanding editorial plan:

  • What are your precise objectives?
  • Clearly identify your target audience and get to know them,
  • Select your content management system: WordPress, Dupral, Joomla, Pulse CMS or Documentum…
  • Run an audit audit on your competitors’ websites and the influential blogs in your sector,
  • Get your team involved in finding content ideas,
  • You may find ideas using Google Trends, Feedly, Google Alerts or even a personalized edition of Google News,
  • Make sure you balance your content between blog posts, videos, ebooks, white papers, infographics and events,
  • Also refer to external sources for your readers in all blog posts…

The idea is to become a content reference in your niche, build your authority and as a matter of consequences your brand awareness. This will make all your sales so much easier…

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Editorial Plan: Best Editorial Practices for your Content Marketing

Get Organized!

Content Management and Digital require proper management & organisation  in the company.

As quality content and pertinence are key, getting organized with content creation, distribution and social media engagement is vital for your success.

  • Outsourcing may be the recommended solution for the beginning,
  • Creating an in-house digital team will be more costly to start with,
  • Whatever your choice, the in-house team is the solution to go for after 9 to 12 months.

The same will apply to social media marketing and social engagement. Most experts will tell you that automation is the way to go. Wrong! Automation also has its limits.

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We are strong believers that the human touch is so much better, relevant and performant.

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Editorial Plan: Best Editorial Practices for your Content Marketing

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