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Business Brainstorming

Web Strategy with Business Brainstorming

Growing your online business requires a smart digital strategy setting out your goals, core concepts, deliverables, thought-leadership, budgets, time and ROI.

Value creation is the key to growth and success in today’s digital world. Here are the major issues to go through:

  • Highlight your existing advantages and build on them,
  • Identify emerging business opportunities in your market,
  • Work out your financial/time investment for a winning digital transformation,
  • Build a new digital ecosystem for your clients, your partners and your shareholders,
  • Limit the financial risk for your company – while creating value for the long term,

Your strategy must be clear and understood by your staff, partners, prospects and customers.

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Business Brainstorming: Top 100 Marketing Experts

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Think Outside the Box!

How to stand out and compete in the digital world? There are threats and opportunities. New trends will come up. Disruptive competitors will challenge you. Customers will expect a new experience. Don’t rely on old recipes, simply think outside the box!

Starting from these 7 fundamental questions, your digital strategy has to be creative, unique, readable and understandable by all parties.

  • What do you sell?
  • Who are the target customers?
  • How do you sell your products and/or services?
  • How much do you sell them for?
  • What is your margin?
  • What is your market positioning?
  • How is your brand perceived by your customers?

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Digital Marketing Strategy

7  Trends to Watch

Whatever your industry and your business size, new trends will emerge. They will help you re-invent yourself!

Going digital means redefining your business for tomorrow’s challenges. Here are the 7 items to expect in your digital transformation:

  • Your business models will adapt and/or change at full speed,
  • Going digital means going global and beyond borders,
  • Standardization of B2B services are a must,
  • New talents will be required in your organization,
  • Costs will be reduced. ROI redefined!
  • There will be pressure on prices and profits,
  • Competition will come from left and right.

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