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Keyword Research: Understanding Your Business

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Understanding your Business

Competitive Keyword Research from A to Z

Getting the right strategy for your business starts with understanding your market niche, your business and obviously your competitors.

Here are the 9 stages to follow to better access the situation and get in-depth knowledge of your industry:

  • Understanding the products and services you sell,
  • Getting to know the existing business models,
  • Identifying your major competitors and their actions,
  • Going through the sales and marketing actions you took over the past 1 year,
  • Analyzing the return on your recent actions undertaken by your team,
  • In-depth understanding of your market niche in the digital world,
  • Going through everybody’s websites,
  • Understanding their way of thinking and their goals,
  • Conducting a SEO Competitive Research…

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Understanding Your Business and Competition

How to Perform a Keyword SEO Research?

Conducting a keyword research and audit requires SEO knowledge and semantic expertise. The idea is to figure out the queries that will bring you potential partners and qualified sales leads, instead of “web tourists”.

Here are some of the main keyword and SEO factors that will help you better understand.

  • Pertinence,
  • Popularity,
  • Competitive analysis,
  • User Adoption,
  • Ranking factors….

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Keyword SEO Research

Keyword Research and SEO Audit

Dont get confused between keyword research and SEO audit!

A website SEO audit will outline some of the following items:

  • Indexability,
  • Site architecture,
  • Easy-to-use navigation on desktops and mobile devices,
  • Mobile-friendly test,
  • Website and page speed testing,
  • Titles,
  • Meta-descriptions,
  • Tags,
  • Images,
  • Inbound and outbound links… (and much more)

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Keyword Research and SEO Audit

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