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The purpose of this page is to define what Going Global implies for businesses and start-ups in the UK and in Europe.

As political events and choices happen, Brexit will reshape the future of Britain‘s economy and business for decades to come. Whatever the shape or form of the deal (or no deal) with the European Union, the UK business model has now changed.

The EU vs The World

Will Brexit be good or bad for the economy?

You aren’t exporting. That’s good news!

How will the UK digital sector cope with the UK exit?

Will London remain the Tech & Business Hub in Europe?

London is Open, isn’t it?

The IMF GDP forecast for 2017 & 2018

Going Global with Digital UK, Europe, USA, Asia

Hoping these pages will help you assess the business opportunities of expanding internationally, we strongly believe this has never been so obvious in Brexit Britain. The new trade agreement with the EU will reshape 40% of UK’s economy for decades to come.

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Going Global with Digital UK, Europe, USA, Asia

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