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Brexit & Small Business

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Impact of Brexit on Small Businesses

Despite Brexit Vote, Britain Set to Win!

Our economy starts slowing down for the second half of 2017. Why is this good?

The latest June indicators are not great for Britain’s economy. Indeed, the car sales are down and the nation has the lowest productivity since 1970. Not to mention, prices also raised. Shall we get worried & opt for Brexit blues? No at all! Let’s face it, the sooner the economy goes down, the sooner the growth will get better.

The UK growth rate is getting lower, however we are doing better than France or the Eurozone for 2017. Every quarter will bring its good and bad news depending how well Brexit talks go. Small businesses and entrepreneurs have to get used to it. More importantly, be prepared to go global in post Brexit Britain:

  • Strategy,
  • Business models,
  • New partners and customers,
  • Marketing,
  • Business development,
  • Financial implications…

The Oxford Economics’ UK growth forecast is believed to be around 1.8% for the period from 2017-2021. The Eurozone is expected to reach 1.5% for the same period. Germany will do around 1.3% according to the report published last week. Here is the picture for the next 5 years. Is this realistic?

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Brexit & Small Business

What are the Brexit Solutions for Small Businesses?

How to reduce the impact of Brexit & boost your small business sales?

Theresa May indicated that Brexit Britain’s business priority was to go global, explore new markets (outside the EU) and export. Obviously, the European arena must not be ignored, as this is next door. However, the EU is the world’s largest free trade zone. It has the weakest economy in G20 nations. The continent has had a low growth rate for 3 decades. To put it simply, the UK in recession will do better (or similar) than France, my home country.

Small business owners are likely to be the true victims of Brexit. As a matter of consequence, entrepreneurs must engage with Brexit and get prepared for new business opportunities in the world. Whatever your business size and market niche, you should consider using digital marketing & search engine optimisation to hit new markets (and the EU of course).

  • Going digital comes at a fraction of the cost,
  • Digital transformation will help you embrace change,
  • Exporting is one of the Brexit solutions to limit its impact for UK small businesses,
  • Europe and the world are all yours with digital.

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Brexit & Small Business

International SEO & Digital Marketing: One of Brexit Solutions!

Let’s discuss the issue… Guide to exporting with Digital Transformation!

Brexit is a game-changer for small business owners and entrepreneurs, whatever your company size. We doubt that Number 10 will go against the will of the People. Whatever the version of our EU exit, Brexit will happen. Based on Michel Barnier statement today, he is no mood to go for a free trade agreement. Both parties will eventually strike a deal, as too much is at stake.

The Prime Minister set some of her major Brexit directions during the Lancaster Speech in January 2017:

Brexit & Small Business

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Free Trade Agreement with the EU

The only one, we have a major doubt on, is a free trade agreement with EU countries. This is most unlikely to happen, but all parties involved will have to reach an agreement. So many commercial, economical and political issues are on the table. Theresa May stated: “no deal is better than a bad deal for future generations.” This worst-case scenario would cost a fortune to all member countries, including Britain.


If no deal is completed between the EU and Britain, we will go back on WTO rules. This will imply that free trade means fair trade between countries. Is it that a bad deal? Even though this might imply more paperwork and tariffs, the vast majority of countries in the world work on WTO agreements.

Go Global!

The message was clear & going international is one of the Brexit business opportunities. Going after new markets will help small businesses face changes and risks. This is where digital marketing and SEO come into play. Are you ready for post-Brexit business?

Brexit & Small Business

Make a Success of Brexit

As any entrepreneur, your business and customers come first. With this in mind, take the time to consider digital transformation and see how this would affect your team, business models, growth and sales revenues. Using the internet to leverage your brand-awareness and opportunities will help you reshape the future in your market and take advantage of today’s situation.

Businesses will be faced with legal, strategic, marketing and business development issues. With 3 decades in international trade (traditional and digital), we are set to help you at all levels. We strongly believe Brexit will bring uncertainty and commercial opportunities. The sooner you deal with it, the better.

International SEO and multilingual digital marketing will help you find new markets and customers. How about Britain goes for low taxation to attract entrepreneurs, businesses and investors. Worth thinking about it! 

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