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#LondonIsOpen – Brexit: France vs UK

France vs Britain in the 2017 World Economy

How do Both Countries Compare? Would anyone believe Juncker’s speech will affect Brexit Talks?

Let’s be serious for a minute! Jean-Claude Juncker is on the verge of retirement. He has pretty much been useless on the Continent – except for striking fiscal deals with internet giants in Luxembourg.

London has been the most dynamic and business-friendly environment for decades. Brexit will not make 30 years of hard work disappear.

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#LondonIsOpen – Brexit: France vs UK

Expected GDP in 2017

The IFM has downgraded Britain’s growth

UK’s forecast is expected to be between 1.4%, 1.7% and 2% as per the IFM’s statement dated June 20th – 2017 (depending on sources). Since the Labour party lost the General Election, the Nation returns to the dark days. So-called “Experts” predicted a financial chaos, when the UK rejected the Single Currency. What happened? Nothing!

All UK political leaders (in the Remain camp) insisted, that the Nation would go into chaos, right after the EU Referendum. What happened? The Pound went down. Exports were boosted all of a sudden.  Of course, we may expect some economic turbulence during Brexit talks. Uncertainty is today’s certainty.

While the UK decided to leave the EU, Britain in recession will always do better than FranceThe expected GDP in 2017 is set to 1.4% as per France’s Insee.

The UK in recession at 1,4% (after such a major decision: Brexit), Britain is performing like 'booming' France.Click To Tweet

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#LondonIsOpen – Brexit: France vs UK

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