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The Leading Technology Hub in Europe

What is the score with Tech City and Brexit in July 2017?

The UK was promised a financial chaos by some political leaders and “experts” after the EU Referendum.

The digital industry, both in London and all across the Nation, got scared. They still fear investors, private equity firms and technology talents would run away during and after UK’s EU exit talks.

As of 30th June 2017, London’s Tech City broke a new record with the highest level of capital investments in start-ups. Private equity deals for the first semester of 2017 reached UK £4.5 bn, as stated by London & Partners – the marketing promotional agency of the City.

For the same period, venture capital put some UK £1.1 bn in London’s technology companies. The total is the highest number on record for the past 10 years.

Although Brexit and the General Election provoked business uncertainty in Tech Nation, the fundamentals are very strong for the high-tech industry with world-class universities, infrastructure and finance center. London has the most business-friendly ecosystem in Europe. The United Kingdom is a leading business magnet for entrepreneurs & leaders according to Doing Business 2017.

The Leading Technology Hub in Europe

Better than Dublin, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam!

Since the EU referendum on June 23rd – 2016, London has topped major cities in Europe.

More investments were injected in London’s technology sector than any other capital cities in Europe – including Dublin, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam. Tech City UK is the best place in Europe to start a digital business, find investors and talents from all over the world.

The wide range of technology visas available in the UK makes London the most attractive place for entrepreneurs, incubators, professionals and talents. Whatever the outcome of Brexit Talks, London will remain the Capital of Business and Digital in Europe.

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