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Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

AI will Impact SEO

Expect a huge digital transformation and new trends, both on mobile devices and desktops with AI! Marketing professionals will have to adapt and better understand how to interact to generate sales leads.

The purpose of this page is to illustrate how crucial artificial intelligence, machine learning and machine-to-machine will be in 2018. They are true game changers for the search industry and users alike, both on desktops and mobile devices. If  you master the core principles of AI, you will get so many business opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence is the next “Internet Big Thing”. It will change our lives from home to the office. Voice-enabled applications and solutions will play a great role. Business common sense will still apply to tomorrow’s digital world, as business is business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Impact SEO

AI: The Search Disruptor

Artificial intelligence is a major disruption in the SEO industry, both for searchers and experts. On top of today’s ranking factors, AI will add a set of new rules for search engine optimization. As mobile devices and desktops are becoming one, Google’s strategic move with its Mobile-First index is designed to bring a richer digital experience. Algorithms will understand natural language and better assess humans’ online behaviors.

Leverage your Business with Mobile-First Index

As mobile browsing overtook desktop web usage for 2 years in a row, new trends and applications came up and are also on the rise. Both Siri and Google Assistant boost voice searches, resulting in more precise and longer search queries. Products such Google Home, Alexa, and Google Assistant alike will empower a more personalized digital experience.

How to Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses

These technological advancements are complex for entrepreneurs and small-business owners. However business principles apply. The idea behind Google’s RankBrain and AI is to provide users with better results and a more personalized customer journey, both on smartphones and tablets. Common sense and business-minded objectives!

Guiding you through artificial intelligence is fairly simple. Search queries and results (ending up on your website) must give useful and pertinent information to readers. Your web pages have to highlight practical solutions & answer your audience’s questions. With business goals in mind, you will easily meet your readers’ and customers’ expectations, when they search on Google.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Impact SEO

Get Higher Ranking

Some AI experts tend to forget the word intelligence in Artificial Intelligence. Machine-to-machine (M2M), Google’s DeepMind and RankBrain will reshape search marketing & digital marketing. It will also change the way we search, behave, and consume content on the internet.

Listed in 2016’s Top 50 AI and M2M individuals on Onalytica, we have very pragmatic approach to it. Be smart and follow your business principles! AI will make sales leads far more qualified and customer acquisition easier. Don’t stress and simply bring added-value to your visitors, readers and target customers. Deal closing will be made ridiculously simple.

Adapt, Grow, Attract, Convert

Put simply:

  • AI will understand humans’ language and behaviors,
  • Create content for readers – not search engines,
  • Search will be conversational,
  • Voice searches will result in longer queries – ideal for long tail phrases,
  • Delivering emotions will be the way to stand out from competition – from search results to phone calls…

This is proper marketing applied to 2018’s digital space. This is how to get to number 1 (or 2) on Google. Share your experience of artificial intelligence on Twitter with us!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Impact SEO

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