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SEO Best Practices 2018

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SEO Top Trends 2018

Next-Generation Search

Google is the number one destination, as we all know. However, Bing is expected to have a « come-back » next year according to « experts ».

The key issue is to get high rankings in search engine results to boost the number of qualified leads.

The purpose of this BLOG PAGE is to help you understand why users’ experience is so crucial in today’s SEO trends. The world’s leading search engine (Google) decided to push mobile-first as soon as 2018. Why?

As we saw over the past last 3 years, desktops and mobiles are becoming one. Users are shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices. We all want a seamless and unified digital experience, whatever the device and platform used.

As a matter of fact, people are expecting much more power, functionality and specificity from their devices regardless of where.

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SEO Best Practices and Top Trends 2018

Mobile – First Index in 2018

Google will be launching their mobile-first index in 2018 and will communicate about it. This is a major launch for Google.

Website performances and user experience will then be vital to get high rankings in search results. To meet such objectives, we must integrate that users’ experience is now part of SEO. Experience will come along side with content, tags, on-page links, backlinks, influencers, press relations, artificial intelligence and social signals… just to name a few! 

What To Remember

Search engine optimization is shifting to Search Experience Optimization.  We need to focus on the following items to meet Google’s criteria on

  1. User Experience
  2. Mobility
  3. Website performance & speed
  4. On-site Engagement
  5. Site availability

Here are 2 other tools to check loading times & mobile friendliness.  Try to run a test on these 3 tools for the same website. You will see for yourself, the Google equation is not solved as yet. MOZ ( is one of the leading website in social marketing.

SEO Best Practices and Top Trends 2018

What To Expect in SEO in 2018

Some other ranking factors are on the verge of taking over in the next year or so. Numbers keep getting bigger and bigger.

  • The implementation of artificial intelligence is not 100% done, so we will have to get used to a new set of rules.
  • The advent of voice searches will also change the ball game.

These 2 items put together – along with other ranking factors listed above – will make searching a true conversation between users and Google. When it comes to conversations,  users will be at the heart of Google’s search strategy to increase the quality of results.

Pertinence will be the game changer, whatever the language.

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SEO Best Practices and Top Trends 2018

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