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Search Marketing is Multilingual

Digital Marketing, global or multilingual, takes much more than keywords, content creation, content distribution, social engagement and localization. We are your voice on the internet.

Search Optimization is Multicultural

Going global requires a proper international expansion strategy. Ranking high in Google also includes multiple UX (user experience) factors. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly and fast.

Polyglots Vs Native Speakers

  • Native speakers can catch nuances of languages
  • Natives get cross-cultural communication right
  • Avoid misinterpretation in messages, content and SEO

International: Global SEO 2018

Search marketing is digital marketing

What is known as Digital Marketing (SEO + Social Media) is down to strategy, insights, decisions, budgets, sales and ROI. Search engine optimization is all about qualified lead generation and deal closing.

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Going Global Marketing

What is global digital marketing? SEO with no software or bad tricks, simply natural & manual search engine optimization.

Search optimization comes in different shapes

Search marketing is a “new animal” in 2018 with  the launch of Google’s Mobile-First index. Good old tricks still apply, but a new set of ranking factors is expected to roll-out. As desktops and mobile devices are now one, SEO is being disrupted for years to come.

Search E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E optimization

Search engine optimization is now search experience optimization. Mobile friendliness, cross-device and cross-platform user experience, website performances, quality content and social engagement are some of the search ranking factors. Of course, Link Build has not gone away and is as important as ever. Don’t neglect your internal / external links and backlinks from pertinent sources.

International: Global SEO 2018

Impact of artificial intelligence

The impact of AI in our lives will be felt at home and at the office. However, digital marketing will be impacted.

With the advent of machine learning and DeepMind, voice searches will be on the rise and voice devices will be everywhere. Search queries will be longer, as Google now understands natural language. The era of long-tail keywords is about to be mainstream, in opposition to primary or secondary keywords.

They are supposed to make our digital user experience and daily life so much better. Get ready for the big change!

Multilingual search marketing

You may go global SEO and target english-speaking countries or the world. However, it is common sense that customers in a given market expect content to be written and published in the local language. Unless you are in a specific niche that will live with English content, you will be most likely to go multilingual SEO and content for your international customers.

There are different ways to go about it. Option 1 is to have a sub-directory such as Option 2 is to go with a local domain name extension. This decision needs to be taken, when setting up your digital strategy.

International: Global SEO 2018

SEO Ridiculously Multicultural

Marketing is multicultural. Whatever your budget (big or small), don’t forget you have human beings with different languages, mentalities, customs and habits. Do not neglect this side of international business. Multilingual SEO and digital marketing strategies have to cover a broad range of topics to take wiser decisions, as to your online presence and potential business.

  • What are the specifics of digital marketing in the region?
  • Who are your competitors in the region?
  • Who are the social influencers in the region and in your business?
  • Which are the most appropriate media players for you?
  • The most important small business hubs
  • The top tech and start-up hubs in the world
  • The most dynamic cities
  • The best ecosystem for entrepreneurs

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International: Global SEO 2018

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International: Global SEO 2018

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