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International Search Marketing

Multilingual SEO is Multicultural

London is the World’s Capital of Multicultural Marketing, why?

Once you decide to expand your business internationally, you have different options to go about. However, it requires a comprehensive business development strategy to go global via the internet. There are 4 questions to ask yourself:

  1. Do I need to open a local office?
  2. Can I run some or most of my international business from my HQ?
  3. Do I need multilingual staff?
  4. What’s the overall business set-up required to support and grow my international sales?

SEO in 6 languages

When exporting your goods or services, think digital. In today’s competitive world, you cannot do without a strong web presence. Depending on your market niche and expectations, there are several options to consider. One of them is to attract potential customers using the internet. Digital marketing is a science, that is based upon commitment and quality.

  • Do you want to hit a specific region of the world (South America for instance)?
  • Do you want to approach specific countries?
  • Can you manage with an English-only website or do you need extra languages?
  • How do you want to build your website infrastructure?…

Ranking high in Google local results is key, as it will help you grow your visibility and brand-awareness in target markets.

International SEO and Multilingual Digital Marketing

Native speakers (or not)

In most cases, you will need extra languages for your website. Considering the many implications for your international business development, the next options are to work either with Google Translate, multilingual people or native speakers for your international websites.

While you might be tempted by cheap online tools and solutions to translate your websites, natives will catch nuances of languages. They will get cross-cultural communication right and avoid misinterpretation in content and SEO. In search engine optimization, content quality and local keyword researches are a must to avoid Google penalties.

The choice is yours!

International SEO and Multilingual Digital Marketing

Multilingual Digital Marketing

How to approach international SEO and social media marketing? What to go for?

What do your customers prefer?

Whatever your decisions, always have in mind your financial restrictions. We do recommend to go step by step and always opt for quality – when expanding internationally. As we all know, Google can penalize your website if your translation is a poor quality one. Above all, you must keep your customers and brand reputation in mind.

Based upon our feedback on social media networks and in real life, potential customers and existing ones do prefer quality content and translations. Google Translate, or even polyglots, are NOT the way to go.

This is why we put together a team of native speakers and marketing experts to handle digital projects for our customers.

The pledge for bilinguism

Based upon the latest research and studies, learning foreign languages is a huge “plus factor” for anyone. However, experts claim that learning some 5 or 8 languages is not the best. Whatever the items considered, being bilingual is simply the best. The bi-cultural bonus helps in life at all levels, starting with business.

This is why bilingual is better on World Economic Forum (WEF)

Bilingual people do better at life. This neuroscientist explains why

Which countries are best at English as a second language?

International SEO and Multilingual Digital Marketing

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International SEO and Multilingual Digital Marketing

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