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Link Building Techniques

Guide to Quality Backlinks

What are quality backlinks?

They require human intervention & editing. Pertinence is one of the fundamentals. All the backlinks must be coming from trustworthy websites and in line with the topics discussed. What do you need to know about getting links to your site?

Link Building Techniques for SEO

Quality backlinks will boost your rankings

Link building will create a series of backlinks to your website from pertinent sources.

It will boost your domain authority and credibility in Google’s search results. The more quality backlinks you get, the better it is for your search rankings in Google. It is a proven fact, since SEO emerged, years back.

Quality content needed

Like in press relations –  the better your content is, the more you will stand out from the crowd. You will be seen by journalists, business leaders, and potential customers alike. In the same way you will get noticed by Google with quality backlinks, thus it will improve your SEO rankings.

Good marketing & communication

Backlinks are content, communication, and digital marketing-driven. Here is what you need to known to get quality backlinks in 2018:

  • Link building is simply one of the best SEO boosters,
  • Developing a powerful and easy-to-understand site architecture is a life saver,
  • The better your architecture is, the less important link building will be,
  • SEO is driven by content, quality, and site structure.

Link Building Techniques for SEO

The reverse silo

Content creation and content marketing have to follow the principles of reverse silo, if you want to rank high in Google’s search engine results.

This implies building your website structure logically with users in mind, not search engine bots. Let’s take 2 examples:

  • Main menus should contain sub-menus,
  • Blog posts should be part of pertinent categories,
  • Breadcrumb navigation is highly recommended for users’ digital experience.

Target prescribers & influencers

In today’s fast-moving marketplace, prescribers, social influencers, and  business leaders are needed more than ever. As part of your global strategy, it is crucial you identify influencers and get in touch with them to start a dialogue rolling. It is time-consuming, but it is really worthwhile.

The role of social media marketing

Firstly, you have to identify your target and, then build your community. The most important in SEO is not quantity, but quality of conversations, exchanges and engagement. Select your social media networks very carefully, depending on your industry and target customers. Simply put, social media is your echo chamber!

Link Building Techniques for SEO

Outbound links

If you want to boost trust & domain authority, write for users and not Google. Linking pages is all about pertinence. Bringing value to your readers is the priority number 1, may it be with inner pages or outbound links. When it comes to content marketing, providing real value and takeaways to your visitors will result in higher ranking on Google search results.

In 2018, search engine optimization is now all about user experience and conversations.

Link Building Techniques for SEO

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Link Building Techniques for SEO

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