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Paid Search by Google

Adwords Advertising vs Organic Search

Is your Visa card the only added-value for your customers and employees?

What are Certified PPC experts?

Certified Adwords experts are trained and get their diplomas from Google. Is the search giant trustworthy? On this one, we doubt the “so-called training and certification” are there to appoint sales representatives across the globe.

Professionals need to pass 2 of the AdWords certifications to be a certified expert. You will be learning advertising principles and fundamentals (PDF file) in the following area: search advertising, display advertising, mobile marketing, mobile and video advertising for e-commerce projects and service providers.

Google Adwords, PPC

Designing your landing page

Landing pages are designed to trigger a “call-to-action” on your website.  Discover on Medium the 5 Best Landing Page Platforms that’ll help you Make More Money off your Website in 2016. Most tools available in 2017 will help you create great landing pages with drag-and-drop software builder. Coding is no longer required!

Our tips are very simple:

How do you convince your visitors to convert on your website in 2017? Get inspired by 16 brilliant landing page design examples. Here are a few Google webpages for you to browse.

Pay-per-click Adwords management

Cut down PPC expenses with an expert and a comprehensive keyword research

Landing pages for your campaigns

Budget, analytics & reporting

May it be for domestic or international business development and expansion, is your Visa card your unique value for your customers?  Ask you the right questions! What is your market differentiators? Do you have market differentiation strategies?

Google Adwords, PPC

Our PPC Services at a Glance!

  • Landing page creation & design
  • Adaption for mobile devices
  • Advert optimization
  • Landing page optimized for SEO
  • Competitor research
  • Analytics set-up
  • Conversion
  • Mobile advertising optimization
  • Graphic design included
  • Reporting and finetuning

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