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AI boosts Voice SEO

The emerging role of artificial intelligence, coupled with voice-enabled devices, will make 2018 a very interesting digital marketing year.

After search engine optimization, here is conversational search and bot. Messaging as the unified experience between searchers and Google is the standard. While business has always been about the customer conversation, they took on different forms with new technologies and usage. As a matter of consequence, customer behaviors changed year on year.

One-to-one marketing strategies are now becoming the norm in today’s digital industry, thus creating more social engagement and interactions with target potential customers.

Does it mean higher sales retention and better customer service?

Voice-First Technologies

With the advent of AI and voice technologies, searching now conversation and emotion. Powered by artificial intelligence and voice-ready services and devices, voice searches are bound to rise on a massive scale. Users are right in the middle of changing the way, they search for content and information and buy products and services online. Customer service and support will follow the same trend.

What To Expect in Search Marketing

With AI understanding natural language, voice searches will result in longer and advanced search queries. Long tail will be the SEO industry’s big thing for years to come. This will also affect online shopping.

Walmart is now teaming up with Google to boost voice shopping – while keeping an eye on Amazon’s Alexa. Is voice-activated shopping the future of e-commerce?

Over the next few years, voice-ready applications and voice-enabled devices will change SEO, searching, calling, and e-commerce alike. However, typed searches will not disappear for a long time to come.

AI boosts Voice SEO and Voice Searches

From Mobile Apps to Conversations

Businesses have rushed to create effective mobile apps. And for good reason—for all the time consumers spend on their smartphones, 78% of that time is spent within mobile apps.

Mobile is the primary screen for today’s searchers and consumers (regardless of industry).  88% of their time is spent on 5 major platforms. They are social media and messaging experiences. Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter got all the attention from brands.

Small businesses have now to adapt or “miss the train”. In 2018, messaging is users’ favorite communication channel in today’s fast-moving world.

Conversational Search Inside

It comes in different shapes and forms:
  • Users may ask questions to Google,
  • Consumers can interact with Alexa about product reviews or prices,
  • They can also ask Siri, where and how to get a pizza delivered home…

Some search queries will be resolved with instant answers, while longer queries will require longer answers. Does your content strategy need to change and adapt to voice searches? Yes and no!

Geolocation will really become the business game changer. Make sure you integrate local SEO into your online-focused digital marketing strategy!

AI boosts Voice SEO and Voice Searches

How To Keyword in 2018?

Your keyword research will need to be fine-tuned with a comprehensive analysis for mobile devices on one side, and desktops on the other side. You will also have to pay attention to your website structure, content formatting and wording. In other words, your keyword matrix will focus on:

  1. Queries on mobile devices
  2. Queries on desktops
  3. Primary and secondary keywords
  4. Long tail phrases and expressions

Conversational Search; Not a Revolution!

It will make our lives much easier. Voice searching is just one of the many evolutions, the digital industry is undergoing. Voice SEO will evolve with times. In 2018, you still have to stick to Google’s ranking factors:

  • Quality content,
  • Regular updates,
  • Genuine backlinks from leading (or not) websites,
  • On-page and off-page optimization,
  • Well written and compelling meta tags,
  • Social media marketing,
  • Influencer marketing,
  • Press relations,
  • Strategic partnerships…

From strategy to lead generation, artificial intelligence and voice-first technologies will dramatically improve our digital experience. Digital marketing fundamentals will still be around for a long time. An evolution, not a revolution!

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AI boosts Voice SEO and Voice Searches

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