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The Fine Art of User Experience

Searching is now conversation, information and emotion.

User experience is now part of search engine optimization, across all devices. What is it all about?

The purpose of this page is to help you understand why users’ experience is so crucial in today’s SEO trends. The world’s leading search engine (Google) decided to push mobile first. Why?

Desktops and mobiles are merging. Users are shifting from desktop computers to mobile devices. We all want a seamless and unified digital experience, whatever the device used. This has been a major trend over the past 5 years. As a matter of fact, people are expecting much more power, functionality and specificity from their devices regardless of where.

Google will be launching their mobile-first index in 2018 and will communicate about it. Website performances and user experience will then be vital to get high rankings in search results.

Search engine optimization is shifting to Search Experience Optimization.

The Fine Art of User Experience: SEO

Fresh SEO Thinking

Outstanding user experience is a SEO-Must

Website performances are at stake

Searching the web is now conversation

Users now expect a seamless & unified digital experience; cross-device and cross-platform. While mobile devices get smarter and faster, desktop browsing has decreased since 2014. The trend is now a fact, as mobile browsing comes on top.

Google will  provide most pertinent results with AI. Are you creating emotions and conversations? Are you engaging with your visitors?

The Fine Art of User Experience: SEO

What is SEO Programming?

Some “so-called experts” talk about SEO or search programming, which is an utter disgrace and a lie. There is no such a thing nowadays. Search and digital marketing are simply traditional marketing applied to the digital world – with new angles. To put simply, getting high rankings in Google’s results has nothing to do with coding.

As explained in our pages and blog posts, SEO is now about users’ experience, pertinence of content, quality of backlinks, artificial intelligence, website performance, credibility, authority and quality of your services and/or products. We are in real business life!

Search programming is a massive lie. It is marketing applied to the digital world.Click To Tweet

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