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Search Rebooted!

A new approach to SEO with users in mind

Yes, readers and visitors in mind – not Google!

User experience is now part of search engine optimization. The advent of mobile browsing and voice searches are 2 huge game changers. Search is now a conversation between users and search engine bots. It creates emotions. That’s how you will stand out in 2018’s competitive digital space. This is not all!

Search is about User Experience

As mobile devices and desktops are now becoming one, Google’s mobile-first search index will launch in 2018. It will be a major “disruptor” with the introduction of artificial intelligence. In short, the bot will understand natural language and humans’ online behavior. It will adapt to provide users with richer digital experiences and high-quality results based on search queries.

A new approach to SEO with users in mind

The Rise of Mobile Browsing

In 2016, mobile web usage overtook desktop for first time ever.

Smartphones and tablets changed the way, we use the internet and consume digital content. In 2017 again, mobile browsing reached 57% of total web usage. Are desktops on the way out? It may be possible over the next 5 years. This is the beginning of a new era with different usage and trends with mobile devices. Expect changes over the next few months and years!

What’s inside Fresh SEO Thinking?

  1. Mobile-friendly website or web app,
  2. Cross-platform & cross-device unified digital experience,
  3. Strong technical performances (speed, UX…),
  4. Seamless browsing and interaction,
  5. One-to-one marketing strategies,
  6. Content written for readers – not search engines,
  7. Distributing content the right way,
  8. Teaming up with appropriate influencers,
  9. Search marketing ready for AI & voice searches,
  10. Conversational SEO for higher engagement,
  11. Higher sales retention…

This is what search marketing looks like in 2018’s digital marketing space. Providing your follow Google’s ranking factors and these 11 items, you will provide readers with quality from content to user experience. Giving users a solution to their search query is what matters, to get your website well-positioned in search engine results.

A new approach to SEO with users in mind

Artificial Intelligence Takeaways

  • Voice assistants & voice searches are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • AI now understands human language, so that Google provides better results – based on search queries
  • Search is now conversational
  • Forget about keywords, long tail is key(word)
  • Deliver emotions to readers
  • Geolocation is now crucial
  • Stand out in search results

Follow the Conversation

Business has always been about the customer conversation with clients. However, those conversations take on different forms as technology and customer behavior changes. One-to-one, in-person transactions were once the norm until phone calls took over. Emails displaced phone calls to an extent until websites and mobile apps became the primary means of interaction. The same applies to digital marketing!

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A new approach to SEO with users in mind

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