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UX, Key to Satisfaction

High Ranking is Outstanding Experience

UX is SEO. User experience is customer satisfaction! This is how you have to approach it in 2018.

As part of our Fresh Digital Thinking, user experience is at the forefront of search marketing practices for the next few years. Like it or not, Google’s mobile-first index will change the rules. It will impact your ranking in Google’s search results, unless you get ready for it now.

Why is it Changing all of a Sudden?

Users (including you and us) have been shifting to mobile devices (from desktops) for browsing, searching, reading, sharing, engaging, interacting and purchasing products and services. Mobile web usage overtook desktop in 2017. The latest number is 57% for mobile browsing (tablets and smartphones). This is the second year in a row. This will grow even bigger in the future.

UX is SEO in 2018

Strategic Move for Google

In such conditions, Google had to react and adapt to an ever-evolving market. This is the result of better technologies in smartphones and tablets, may it be under iOS or Android. Both operating systems are now putting users’ digital experience at the heart of their business strategy.

Google will communicate about its new mobile-first index. Expect the search giant to educate the market (with marketing) – the same way they did it – when they first launched Google’s Chrome browser. 10 years on the dot!

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Google’s Digital Transformation

Here is a quick list of action items to bear in mind for search engine optimization in 2018.

Small-business owners want to leverage sales revenues with SEO and digital marketing. However, search marketing comes in different shapes & forms:
  • Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • Global SEO
  • Multilingual SEO

User experience also comes in “different colors” and it includes multiple items, that makes it a must in 2018. Mobile devices are evolving with bigger screens, higher resolutions, better cameras, voice-ready applications, higher internet speeds, and faster processors. As a matter of consequence, UX is impacted every year. It gets better, easier and faster for all users on all devices.

Digital Marketing Rebooted!

Digital marketing goes through the journey of digital transformation (24/7) to connect businesses to their current and prospective customers or partners. From search, social media networks, emails to websites and digital platforms, technologies coupled with new trends have direct consequences on SEO.

UX is SEO in 2018

Here is what to know for 2018:

  1. User experience is a major ranking factor,
  2. Page speed (time) is of the essence,
  3. Your site has to offer a cross-platform and cross-device unified experience,
  4. A seamless user experience will boost your SEO and business,

Mobile friendliness is the way to go. Consequences will be higher engagement and sales conversion. Obviously, these 4 items come on top of the traditional SEO factors such as backlinks, quality content, on-page and off-page optimization, and press relations… Are you ready?

Join the Twitter conversation and let’s discuss how UX is now impacting your digital journey.

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User experience is SEO in 2018

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