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Boost Sales Leads with The People’s Republic of Facebook

There are many popular social media platforms in the present day but none can match Facebook for size and reach.

Let’s face it, the reason you want to be on Facebook is that virtually everyone else is on Facebook. If you are looking to connect with an audience, it makes sense to be found where your audience is.

With Facebook playing host to around 1.9 billion users on a regular basis, this is the social media platform that people use, so your business should be on here.

Of course, the vast, vast majority of these 1.5 billion people won’t be interested in you, but it is the targeting options that make Facebook so attractive when you want to make connections. If you are looking to use the power of Facebook advertising, you can reach people by location, their age, their income, their gender, their employment status, their job type, their hobbies, their likes and dislikes.

In fact, if there is a way to categorize someone, you can do so on Facebook, so it is an ideal platform to reach people.

Facebook Marketing Services 2018

Join the Facebook Revolution

Advertising and Reaching out to 2 Bn. Users

When it comes to the benefits of using Facebook ads to reach your audience, some of the key reasons include:

  • A high conversion rate, with a rate of 9.21% on Facebook compared to a return of 2.35% with AdWords
  • A low Cost Per Click (CPC) rate, with many industries experiencing an average cost of just $1.72 USD
  • A wide range of advertising types allowing you to reach your audience in the most effective manner

The variety of ads on offer in Facebook means you can present your product or services in the best manner. It may take you some time and effort to decide upon the advertising style that is best for you but with Facebook ads being quick to set up and easy to start and stop, you should find that you can hit upon a successful solution before too long.

Both Twitter and LinkedIn cannot outperform Facebook in social media marketing.

Three of the most popular forms of Facebook ads are:

  • Multi-link carousel ads
  • Video ads
  • Lead generation ads

Now, depending on your goals or the make-up of your company, one of these ads may be better for you than the others, but they all have their benefits.

A multi-link carousel ad is great if you have a range of products that you want to inform people about or direct them towards. You can add a range of images to the advert, showcasing a wider selection of what you offer and a handy link can take users directly to this page on your site.

Be sure to use convincing content to persuade people to take action but on the whole, this is a great type of ad for businesses with a lot to offer and who want to reach out to as many people as possible early on.

Facebook Marketing Services 2018

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The State of Video Content

Video content is a great way to reach out to people

Video ads are ideal to connect with your user, as the engagement rate is far higher in most cases. You only have to look around you to see that the volume of people using their smartphones to connect to the internet and engage with others is high. When using a smartphone, a lot of people don’t want to read a lot of text, so providing video content to explain your offer or even show your products or services in action can be of great benefit.

You can also create fantastic video content at an affordable price, so don’t feel as though this is going to be an expensive solution.

If you believe that the “money is in the list” and you should do, lead generation ads are vital for your business. This style of content will make sure that you get people handing over their contact details, which means you can get back in touch with offers that are tailored to them.

The real benefit of having a list comes with being able to segment your audience and this style of ad allows you to break down your followers, which means you can provide them with a more focused and tailored service.

Facebook is the number one social media platform and it makes sense to use it to promote your business, entrepreneurial work or just make connections. While Facebook is a free platform, the returns on offer from Facebook ads make this an option that is well worth considering.

Facebook Marketing Services 2018

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Facebook Marketing Services 2018

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