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Why is LinkedIn Marketing so crucial?

Let’s have a look at LinkedIn in numbers for 2017

LinkedIn has some 500 million users in total, out of which 120 million are daily users. According to reliable sources, LinkedIn has some 230 millions monthly active users. The social media company does not breakdown its total number of users vs its active users, which is a pity for our knowledge.

Co-founded with Reid Hoffman, the CEO for LinkedIn as of October 2017 is the talented and successful leader Jeff Weiner. 2 very influential business leaders in the Silicon Valley made a success of it. With a growing workforce, LinkedIn keeps on hiring in 2018. It is present in 200 countries across the globe.

Nearly 45% of LinkedIn users are decisions makers. We recommend you browse their demographics for 2017, so that you better assess why it is the leading social network for business.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - London

B2B is LinkedIn’s Cup of Tea

Both its business and revenue models are geared to boost any company in the business to business arena. LinkedIn has the most advanced tools to target a qualified audience of professionals, both for social media marketing or paid advertising.

You can filter by location, industry, position, job skills, company size, age, years of experience and much more.

They use the best of artificial intelligence, software technologies, user interfaces and user profiling to provide visitors and advertisers the most outstanding and unified digital experience – cross platform & cross device.

Your B2B content marketing actions and paid advertising will be a success with LinkedIn‘s powerful options, providing you do it right.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - London

The State of LinkedIn Marketing

Social-Ready for 2018?

Social Media Marketing: What to know to boost sales

In business, there is always a need to look forward and this is why many professionals, entrepreneurs and companies are examining their marketing strategy for 2018.

There are many different ways in which you can reach out to people in the present day and LinkedIn is an important tool for connecting with the right audience. This is why many professionals are looking for insight into LinkedIn marketing for 2018.

Know your social data

Data can be of great importance for companies but given the need to ensure that data is collected, stored and used properly; keeping regulations in mind, a lot of companies can lose confidence when it comes to data. An important aspect in 2018 will be companies understanding what they collect and determining why they collect data.

Data shouldn’t be collected for the sake of collecting data, it should be used to develop an understanding of your customer base and to make sure that you provide a better standard of service.

With this in mind, firms should see out 2017 and see in 2018 by carrying out an audit on their data, making sure they know exactly why they collect data and what they do with it.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - London

Career Paths for Employees

Get Hired with LinkedIn

One thing that firms need to do is ensure their employees can see a career path for them within the company.

LinkedIn provides people with the chance to see how other people get on and how other businesses treat their staff. LinkedIn is a fantastic tool when it comes to recruitment but it can also be a very informative tool for employees and employers. This is why there is a need for companies to use LinkedIn as a way of showing career paths for employees.

Not only will this provide their current employees with confidence, it will mark a firm out as being a smart choice for people looking to switch jobs, roles or companies.

Engage with your Audience

Social media engagement is essential and a lot of people overlook, forget or don’t know that LinkedIn is a social media platform. This means your firm should approach your LinkedIn content with the same focus and attention that they would reserve for Facebook and Twitter.

Clearly there is a different attitude and approach on LinkedIn but this is a social media platform, and as such, you need to ensure that you engage with your audience in the correct manner.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - London

Do More with Less

2018 Predictions

When it comes to content, one thing that a number of experts are predicting for 2018 is that less will be more.

You should be looking to create posts of around the 500 word mark to ensure that you benefit from maximum exposure. This will also help you to have content that can be quickly utilised in audio or video formats, providing your firm with more chances to connect and engage with your audience.

It may be that switching to shorter content doesn’t save you time but you’ll find that the results should be effective. This is all the justification you need to make this switch.

There is no denying that LinkedIn marketing should be at the heart of businesses’ strategy for 2018 and beyond. However, there is no point in having a profile and doing little with it; there is a need to be focused and to connect in the correct manner.

With this in mind, your LinkedIn marketing should make sense alongside all of your overall marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Marketing Services - London

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LinkedIn Marketing Services - London