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24/7 Online PR, THE effective Marketing Approach

Based in London, our online PR agency will increase your visibility like never before!

Online PR, is complementary to traditional PR. Online Press Relations have to proven to be highly effective in today’s digital market. Who are your online PR targets?

  • Digital Editors and Publishers
  • Social Influencers in your niche
  • Digital Journalists
  • Influential Bloggers
  • Social Networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram…
  • Business Leaders and Decision Makers
  • Academies, Trade Show Organizers and Major Industry Events / Publications

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Online PR

Social and Media Outreach

Online PR offers a Massive Outreach

With online PR, you get ROI both directly and indirectly. How does it work?

Any PR action will increase your brand-awareness, visibility and credibility amongst journalists, professionnals, customers, prospects, business leaders and your social community.

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Coupled with haghtags, keywords and content distribution, online PR is nothing else but story-telling. What can be included in Press Relations?

  • New Features or Services
  • Agreements with New Business Partners
  • New Hiring
  • Company’s Fiancial Results
  • Corporate Governance
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Communication
  • Corporate Culture
  • Values, Ethics and Best Practices…

May it be for a start-up, a small business or a large company, Online PR is a Must-Have! Don’t get confused with online PR and Google backlinks… This is all very different!

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Email uk [@] , call +44 208 123 00 78 or book a FREE conference call (online) with a digital expert. You may also contact us 24/7 (reply within hours) !

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