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Social Media Company with Fresh Thinking

Not only we are listed amongst the Top 100 Marketing Experts to Watch in US magazines, we also bring Fresh Social Media Thinking.

Our digital agency has 20 years of Internet Expertise. What is fresh thinking? Stop generating leads, start making sales revenues in 2018. Social media networks are your echo chamber. Building a qualified digital community and social engagement takes time. However quality matters over quantity in digital marketing.

Selecting the right social networks for your target audience is also crucial, whatever your market segment and company size. Pertinence comes number 1 in social media marketing. Many business owners do not have the expertise, time and human resources to listen, engage and convert on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Co…

Is going viral is the ultimate achievement in digital marketing for 2020?

Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

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The evolution of the internet helped us build business models and learn from failures. From CompuServe, Netscape, Yahoo’s Directory and AOL, the internet usage went from dial-up modems to fiber optic broadband. Nowadays, the web keeps on changing. The challenge in 2018 (and beyond) is to anticipate and adapt to new trends, so that our clients can build and strengthen their brand authority on social media and close sales deals too.

Entrepreneurs and top executives want results, may it be with SEO or social marketing. This is our mindset, simply because business development must generate qualified leads and, above all, revenues for businesses. Are you ready to explore new business opportunities with social media and social influencers?

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Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

Social Media Marketing Means Business!

Marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…

The most important tip in Social Media Marketing: Go for Quality, not Quantity!

Discover 12 Social Media Marketing Tips to Follow Today. Grow your digital business with social networks!

  1. Always listen to your social media networks: friends and followers.
  2. Stay highly focus on your industry and provide quality content.
  3. Identify and Engage with social influencers in your industry and area.
  4. Share useful information with others from reliable sources.
  5. Do engage with your target audience, friends, followers, and business leaders in your niche!
  6. Don’t always talk about you, your services or products, this is most annoying!
  7. Never spam your social audience, may it be on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn!
  8. Social media engagement impacts your SEO ranking in Google’s SERP.
  9. Use the right social media tools to analyze your actions.
  10. Work out when the best time is to share on social networks.
  11. Be patient, as it takes time to grow an online community on social networks.
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Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

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Social Marketing Explained

What is the social landscape in 2018?

As we all know, there is much more than noises on social media. In today’s digital marketplace, social media marketing is complementary to search engine optimization, public relations and influencer marketing. Let’s go through numbers, demographics and engagement for businesses.

Twitter Marketing

Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has over 2 billion users as of October 2017, out of which 1.4 billion are mobile daily users. 1.5 billion of them go to Facebook on a daily basis. Even though the numbers are impressive, Facebook social engagement plummets in 2017. As we all know, engagement is the path to conversion.

People are leaving Facebook to join other networks. For instance, youngsters leave Facebook for SnapChat or Instagram. This is a critical issue for the mid and long term. Will the social giant find solutions to attract young users? Don’t forget, Instagram is a Facebook company. It was acquired back in 2012 for $1 billion. It looks to be a smart acquisition in 2018.

The People’s Republic of Facebook

Despite a decreasing social engagement in 2017 and young people leaving, Facebook offers a huge database and some wonderful features to target your audience. Their tools are the best in the market, so that you can reach out to your audience. At times posts on Facebook may not be of quality and they result in a much lower engagement. Getting quantity is one thing, quality remains vital for both users and advertisers on Facebook.

Facebook Highlights

Whatever your business and company size, Facebook is a must-have in 2018.

Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn members are mostly professionals and executives. Founded in 2003, the platform has been steadily growing and lead by its CEO Reid Hoffman. Since day 1, the social platform for entrepreneurs and top executives had a clear vision, strategy and destination in mind. In December 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for the amount of $26 billion. To date, this is the largest acquisition ever for the publisher of Windows and Office.

Unlike its rival Twitter, LinkedIn has been focusing on human resources and jobs over the past years. Since its purchase by Microsoft, it changed the job search industry for ever. Consequences remain unknown, both companies have a lot in common. The alliance of LinkedIn and the software giant is to provide second-to-none HR digital solutions to recruitment agencies and large companies. No doubt, the purchase was a smart and strategic move.

LinkedIn in numbers

LinkedIn has some 500 million users in total, out of which 120 million are daily users. According to reliable sources, LinkedIn has some 230 millions monthly active users. The social media company does not breakdown its total number of users vs its active users, which is a pity for our knowledge.

Co-founded with Reid Hoffman, the CEO for LinkedIn as of October 2017 is the talented and successful leader Jeff Weiner. 2 very influential business leaders in the Silicon Valley made a success of it. With a growing workforce, LinkedIn keeps on hiring in 2018. It is present in 200 countries across the globe.

Nearly 45% of LinkedIn users are decisions makers. We recommend you browse their demographics for 2017, so that you better assess why it is the leading social network for business.

B2B is LinkedIn’s cup of tea

Both its business and revenue models are geared to boost any company in the business to business arena. LinkedIn has the most advanced tools to target a qualified audience of professionals, both for social media marketing or paid advertising. You can filter by location, industry, position, job skills, company size, age, years of experience and much more.

They use the best of artificial intelligence, software technologies, user interfaces and user profiling to provide visitors and advertisers the most outstanding and unified digital experience – cross platform & cross device. Your B2B content marketing actions and paid advertising will be a success with LinkedIn‘s powerful options, providing you do it right.

Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

Instagram Marketing

Image and video marketing are the latest trends in social marketing with networks such as YouTube, SnapChat, and Instagram. The audience is much younger, but these generations were born with smartphones and tablets in their hands. Have mobile devices destroyed a generation? It is up for debate, as young users do spend far too much time online on a daily basis.


Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking

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Fresh Social Media Marketing & Thinking