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Official 247 Digital Twitter Accounts

Here is the list of Twitter accounts, 247 Digital uses daily to promote, exchange and engage with the community.

Twitter is one of the most pertinent social network to use for sharing news, engaging with users and getting up-to-date information and sales leads. Since the social micro-blogging site put the focus on news, it has now become one of our strategic leverages along with LinkedIn.

We have multiple Twitter accounts posting on specific times for a specific time zone and a clearly-identified audience.

The founder’s account is @didierdelmer

The brand account is @247digitalHQ

Vertical Twitter accounts are as follows:

Twitter Marketing Services London

The State of Twitter Marketing in 2018

Microblogging Predictions?

Everyone wants to know what is coming next or what is going to happen in the future.

This is why there is a great deal of interest in what is likely to happen in 2018. People want to plan their actions and if something new is likely to shape the market, professionals need to know about it as soon as possible.

This is why the thoughts and predictions of leading professionals in a sector are always of note and when it comes to the state of Twitter marketing in 2018, there are plenty of strong opinions.

Mike Marcellin is the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks and he believes that 2018 will see a focus on Actual Intelligence, with Artificial Intelligence still being a few years away from fruition. This means that collecting data, reviewing the market and undertaking proper analysis is all set to be a cornerstone of your Twitter work in 2018.

There is a lot to be said for making informed decisions and this is a step that will be challenging, but it should be highly rewarding for many firms.

Twitter Marketing Services London

Influencer Marketing: Important in 2018

Inlfuencers: The Pulse of Social Marketing

There is an opportunity to hone in on markets and audiences

According to Josh Steimle, the founder of MWI Global, 2018 will be the year where the Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, of an organisation takes responsibility for being the public face of the firms they represent.

This ties in with the importance of influencer marketing and the fact that people want to make connections with people and to follow on from the guidance from people they know and respect.

The importance of CMOs has also been tipped by Greg Welch, who is a partner at SpencerStuart, with Welch saying 2018 will be the year that CMOs finally earn their seat at the table in the boardroom.

A switch to more modular marketing, away from traditional marketing campaigns, is the tip from Scott Levine, who is the SVP Marketing Strategy at KERN.

This should see more focused campaigns, targeting specific users with plans and activities that appeal to them. There is no longer for anyone but the largest of firms to carry out mass marketing activities and Twitter is the ideal platform to reach out to individuals and influencers.

Other aspects that will likely be notable in 2018 with respect to Twitter marketing include:

  • The Internet of Things impacting on how client happiness and satisfaction is measured
  • Company employees being seen as influencers, increasing engagement with the audience
  • An increased focus on the younger post-millennials market
  • Greater use of technology to ensure that company communication is focused
  • Increased awareness and focus on security aspects online
  • A greater level of focus on environmental and social issues

Twitter Marketing Services London

Future with IoT

All of these aspects will likely come to the fore but one challenge for Twitter marketing in 2018 is the fact that we move slightly away from smartphones to more screen-based devices.

IoT will pose new challenges and new opportunities and the companies that embrace the every improving technology behind smartphones and tablets should find they steal a march on their rivals.

Social media is still going to be an integral component of a company’s activities in 2018 and Twitter will lie at the heart of this. There will be many ways that firms can continue to utilise the tactics and strategies that have served them so well up to now.

There is a lot to be said for keeping in touch with new developments and making sure that your output represents your company in the best possible way.

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Twitter Marketing

While Jack Dorsey’s company keeps on struggling with its business models, number of active daily users and new features, the microblogging platform is still the favorite social destination for the mainstream media, leaders, artists and official bodies.

Twitter is Influence

Twitter’s best “brand ambassador” is President Trump.

Economy, finance, politics, and news are Twitter’s cup of tea. Unlike its rivals, Twitter is listed in the news category on iTunes. This is the company’s market differentiation. Some 140-character tweets (soon to be 280 characters) get more traction and visibility than leading newspapers and publications.

Twitter in Numbers

  • 340 million active users
  • 80% is the number of Twitter users on mobile devices
  • Over 100 million Twitter daily active users
  • Most of them are in the USA
  • The social engagement on Twitter is rather high

Twitter Marketing Services London

Twitter for Business

The way you market your business & brand on Twitter is completely different than on other social media networks. A specific strategy will be worked out depending on your niche, objectives and audience. The number 1 priority is to find out whether Twitter will bring you added-value for your business: credibility, leads and sales revenues.

Major Shift with 280 Characters

While Twitter had a clear marketing differentiation with 140 characters, the micro-blogging platform decided to extend the tweet limit to 280 characters. The new feature was rolled out on November 7th – 2017. Will it bring more pertinence, quality conversations and social engagement?

What really matters to small-business owners are qualified sales leads to generate higher sales revenues. Time will tell whether (or not) this was a good decision by Jack Dorsey’s team.

Twitter Marketing Services London

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Twitter Marketing Services London

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