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Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2018

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Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2018

Guide to Quality Backlinks

What to know for better SEO

A series of new rules will apply in 2018, however fundamentals will not change for years to come.

Artificial Intelligence “AI” will Impact SEO. Expect a huge digital transformation and new trends, both on mobile devices and desktops with AI. Marketing professionals will have to adapt and better understand how to interact to generate sales leads.

Google’s mobile-first 2018 is the most strategic move for years. The purpose of this blog page is to illustrate how SEO will change with mobile phones and tablets alike.

In 2018, Search engine optimization is search experience optimization. It is about mobile, conversations and users, as users are shifting towards mobile-only devices. Like it or not, user experience is part of SEO.

Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2018

Link building is the soul of SEO

As the years go by, the rules did change since 1994 and the launch of Yahoo’s Index. However, fundamentals remain more or less the same. The objective is still to provide quality digital content and useful information to your readers. Search engine optimization techniques are accessible to a much wider audience.

For everyone’s interest, the market is matured and buyers can made sound decisions based upon the client references of their selected search marketing service provider(s).

Backlinks remain the soul of SEO in 2018 and beyond. Backlinks, coupled with a strong website structure, will make your blog or corporate website users’ favorite destination. Google will determine if your website is of interest, based upon the quality of your backlinks (not quantity). Lately, we published a page including the most useful and pertinent items to remember in 2018 for Link Building.

Link Building Techniques for SEO in 2018

7 major SEO and link building trends in 2018:

  • Backlinks will determine the credibility of your site, blog posts and web pages,
  • Search marketing is driven by content,
  • Standing out from the crowd is getting harder and harder,
  • Keywords and phrases are as important as ever,
  • Quality backlinks require human intervention & editing in most cases,
  • Pertinence is one of the fundamentals,
  • Backlinks must be come from trustworthy and pertinent websites.

User experience, quality and pertinence are at the forefront of search marketing practices for the next few years. This is part of our Fresh Digital Thinking for 2018.

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