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#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

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#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

The Prime Minister on LBC Today!

What are the main Brexit takeaways?

Are London and Great Britain really open?

Leading Britain’s Conversations (LBC)  is one of UK’s leading radio – part of the Global Media Group. LBC is talk radio for the UK, letting you have your say on the big issues of the day and affecting London and the UK, with breaking news and opinion.

The Prime Minister was invited for a 40-mn interview with Iain Dale. They obviously discussed Brexit and its consequences on EU citizens and businesses. As part of the Brexit Talks, the UK Government published a series of white papers for the European Union to assess Britain’s positions and proposals.

#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

British citizens in Europe and EU nationals in the UK

Back in the early days, Theresa May may an offer to the EU about citizens’ rights. She announced EU member states on the future rights their citizens can expect if they live and work in the UK after Brexit with the “Settled Status”. Sadly, the European Union rejected it, as it falls short of expectations according to Michel Barnier, Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk.

Some Twitter accounts were created to represent the EU nationals in the UK and the British citizens on the continent. There are 3.3 million EU citizens in Britain and 1.2 million British nationals in the European Union.

#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

What is at stake with EU Citizens and British in Europe?

Theresa May first made an offer, early this year, to offer EU migrants the “settled status”. It would give EU nationals exactly the same rights as British passport holders. The EU leaders rejected it, because the European Court of Justice would not have a say over EU migrants in the United Kingdom.

As far as we are concerned, we never saw a French or a German living in the USA or in Japan under EU laws. Like it or not, the British People decided to leave the EU – on June 23 rd-2016 – by a majority of 52% and a massive turn-out of 72%. Theresa May confirmed today there will be no second referendum and the UK will be leaving the European Union.

How about these 5 million citizens?

We understand there are over 5 million lives on the table, but Theresa May didn’t answer the question about EU citizens’ rights. She simply did the right thing, as Brexit negotiations are under way. With over 1.2 million British lives at stake in Europe, she did the smart thing for her country.

EU leaders keep on abusing Britain, so it is about time to step-up and stand strong behind our Prime Minister.

We are bargaining chips, so what?

As Theresa May first made a fair offer, that got rejected by the arrogant EU leaders, migrants are now bargaining chips between Britain and the European Commission. I personally do not mind, as none of them (UK Government and EU Commission) will never deport citizens.

EU migrants in Britain should go UK laws only. British in Europe should go by EU laws or country laws. Will they end up making a deal on trade and citizens or not? Once again, our future lies in the hands of politicians!

Whatever the outcome, the UK and Member States in the EU are NOT Banana Republics.

#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

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#MayOnLBC : What did Theresa May tell Iain Dale?

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