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Blackhat vs Whitehat SEO

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Bad vs Good Search Practices

Search Marketing: The Dark Side of the Moon!

From the search quality team in London, here are the topics we will cover on this page dedicated to bad SEO practices, a.k.a. Blackhat SEO.

  1. Blackhat refers to practices that do not respect or neglect Google’s Webmaster Guidelines,
  2. The ultimate consequence of Blackhat is that your site can be removed from Google Search Index,
  3. List of most frequent SEO hacks,
  4. Discover Whitehat SEO,
  5. Good practices,
  6. Excellence also starts with a proper SEO methodology and quality processes.

Some examples of Blackhat Search practices:

  • Syndicated content is one of the most important content violation.
  • Digital content copied from other websites,
  • Scraped content,
  • Some affiliate programs,
  • Doorway websites/pages…

Bad practices come in different shapes and colors, so be aware!

Item n°5 is very controversial. The idea is to drive users to specific websites. Doorway websites/pages are designed to spam search results on specific keywords or phrases. More than 1 search result will ultimately lead users to the same site and provide everybody with a poor search experience.

Bad vs Good Search Practices

Simply imagine one company with dozens of mini sites, that will drive you to the same web destination – just after a few clicks. Not only search results will be spammed, but your digital experience will be very poor.

List of Most Used SEO Hacks and Bad Practices:

  • Pages with viruses,
  • Pages designed for phishing,
  • Poor quality linking including buying links & link farms,
  • Automated content,
  • Words and links hidden on websites (black on black or white on white),
  • Putting far too many keywords in your content and blog posts,
  • Creating low quality content or, worst, irrelevant content (cloaking),
  • Putting online websites with very little content doesn’t bring any quality at all,
  • Spammy comments or reviews on your blog or website,
  • Reporting one of your competitors to Google is considered to be malicious,
  • Poor page redirecting is also part of SEO bad practices,
  • Designing pages, sub-domains, domains or mini websites with poor content or, even worst, duplicate content…

All of the items listed above (and many more) will lead to a Google penalty. Google’s search team wants to provide users with the best possible digital experience, bringing you the most relevant and quality content for any given query.

Here is a comprehensive list of violations and spam penalties found on Search Engine Land.

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Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

Whitehat or the Search Marketing Excellence

Getting your website well-placed on Google results is the result of a proper digital strategy as well as a professional methodology and specific processes.

Every project is unique and  it has its specifics. This is why a bespoke digital strategy with clear objectives is required. Discovering “the unique essence of your business” is our goal number 1. Communicating the uniqueness of your business, your organization, your products and/or services is crucial to the success of your digital transformation.

When it comes to search engine optimization, this is a matter of following our second-to-none methodology and multiple processes. Not only we want you to understand what it’s involved, but one of our goals is to educate entrepreneurs with “how-to” & “step-by-step” guides.

Some of our SEO quick guides are listed here:

Both you and our team are business-driven, the idea is not give you in-depth technical explanations. It would be useless for all of us. The 4 things – you expect from digital marketing and SEO – are brand awareness, lead generation, sales conversion and customer retention. That simple!

Both search and digital marketing are far too important in today’s competitive marketplace!
As a small business owner, you simply can’t afford to miss new business opportunities.

Whitehat or the Search Marketing Excellence

What’s Inside?

Marketing techniques applied to digital. What’s inside Whitehat SEO?

Google provides webmasters and entrepreneurs with SEO best practices and recommendations. The whole idea is to focus on readers rather than search engines. Providing users with relevant information and appropriate content must be number 1 in your mind.

2017 Whitehat Key Trends

  • Keyword research is amongst the top 3 factors to get high ranking in Google results. You have primary, secondary keywords and long tail search phrases. Getting your research right will help you reach your target audience with relevant search queries, that will bring in qualified leads and sales. Getting a comprehensive analysis on your competitors will help you leverage your online marketing actions.
  • Google launched RankBrain, that uses artificial intelligence to better understand language nuances, user trends and cultural aspects. This applies to synonyms, antonyms and answers. Think outside the box and “consider search as a conversation”, that takes contextual phrases and  sentences into consideration.

Whitehat or the Search Marketing Excellence

  • Content is King in 2017. Content marketing is at the heart of users’ expectations. Providing useful, rich and quality content is a game changer. This is how important your content marketing plan is – whatever your market. They are hundreds of easy-to-understand pages on Google Console, here is one of them related to creating valuable content for users. If you are serious about your digital transformation, you will find time to browse some of them. Also use the search module to access information quickly. Once again, “consider content as messaging and conversations“, that drive engagement, sales conversion and retention.
  • Social Local and Mobile: Ever heard of Solomo? Mobile search and local search are inextricably linked. Users on mobile devices are primarily searching for local information. As a matter of consequence, search companies will focus on bringing hyper-local results to users. The importance of local SEO and hyper-targeted keywords will become even greater in the months to come. Welcome to hyper-local marketing!
  • Is it important to mention link building in SEO? Quality backlinks are key to search engine optimization. However, we’d rather refer to conversational search or search engine experience. You may visit our dedicated resources to quality link building (this page will be published later in April).

Search optimization is like assembling IKEA furniture. It requires methodology, processes, manuals, time, patience and a good tool box.

Do you have all of them?  Email uk [@] , call +44 208 123 00 78 or contact us 24/7 (reply within hours) !

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Whitehat or the Search Marketing Excellence