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Global SEO

Global SEO at a Glance!

What is global SEO in 207?

Expanding your business abroad using the internet will help you establish a global footprint, generate more sales leads, close more deals, boost your revenues and grow at full speed. However, it can be very tricky!

Global SEO includes international and multilingual SEO, along with multiculturalism and country-specific issues – languages, trends, users’ online behavior and, above all, digital psychology. On paper, Global SEO will give you a better marketing ROI with limited expenses. This is on paper!

Here are 5 essential tips for you to consider before starting your expansion plan:

  • Global SEO implies second-to-none user experience,
  • Localization is a must,
  • Localization does NOT mean translation,
  • Cultures, languages, user trends and online behaviors are key to Global SEO,
  • Going global also implies to think and act local,

Obviously, each country and/or region will need a specific digital approach, keyword research and content editorial plan. Getting to know your local target audience will help you deliver pertinent content while adapting to local mentalities and trends.

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Global SEO Services

International and Digital Expansion

Getting a global search and online visibility is a combination of war and sport. Are you ready to conquer the world with International digital marketing?

You have global inspirations for your business or start-up, fair enough! Is your website performing in search engines and online in your domestic market? This is the first question to ask yourself before embarking on a new venture. If your website is not doing great at home, don’t go international. Simply fix it first!

If you feel ready to export your products / services via the internet, here are 11 great challenges for you and your team:

  • Country by country keyword research and strategies,
  • Will you need a local sales & support office or not?
  • Major differences: cultures, trends, behaviors, competitors & search queries,
  • You will come across different search engines too: Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia,
  • Seasonal marketing depending on countries,
  • Multilingual websites & multilingual content are a must-have,
  • Using the “hreflang” tag is fully complementary with local domain extensions,
  • Your website structure will have to be defined beforehand,
  • Your organization will have to adapt to changes and local nuances,
  • Link building strategies will have to be country-specific,
  • Local social influencers and potential partners will have to identified and contacted…

The above list is not exhaustive. It only includes some of the most common issues.

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Global SEO Services

Global SEO To-Do List

Here is a to-do list for you to better assess the implications of going global…

Building user engagement, consistent brand awareness and lead generation with country specifics in mind:

  • Specific digital strategy based on the target region/country,
  • Website localization with a great user experience,
  • Country-by-country keyword research and competitive analysis,
  • Identification of the various target groups, influencers and partners,
  • Specific content creation and content marketing,
  • User trends and online behaviors must be looked into,
  • Time, efforts and resources are to be allocated…

Going international, while sticking to the corporate strategy and message, might be a challenge. Just start browsing Google Trends live by region, country, industry and population!

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