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International SEO

International SEO Best Practices and Ethics

Multilingual SEO is Multicultural SEO

Multilingual SEO, as well as International Social Media, take much more than keywords, content creation, content distribution and social engagement. Only Native Speakers can assess cultures and mentalities!

Go global and act local!

What is known as Digital Marketing (SEO + Social Media) is down to strategy, insights, decisions, budgets, lead generation, sales and ROI. However going with International SEO requires much more. Here are a 5 Must-Have items:

  • Which language to target based on my niche?
  • Which country to approach?
  • How to deal with their cultural specificities?
  • How to best assess their mentalities?
  • How to use digital psychology to better understand the way they browse the web & buy online?

Multilingual SEO implies much more than coding or keywords. Culture and mentality are the most important issues! Click To Tweet

International SEO Best Practices

Multilingual SEO driven by ROI

SEO Ridiculously Multicultural

International SEO and Digital Marketing Strategies have to cover a broad range of topics to take wiser decisions, as to your online presence and potential business.

Going for international expansion demands thought leadership. You are running a business, not a local store! Here are 8 key elements to consider beforehand:

  • What are the specifics of digital marketing in the region?
  • Who are your competitors in the region?
  • Who are the social influencers in the region and in your business?
  • Which are the most appropriate media players for you?
  • The most important small business hubs
  • The most important tech and start-up hubs
  • The most dynamic cities
  • The ecosystem for entrepreneurs

As you can see, exporting using the internet has so much more into it. Cultures, mentalities and country specifics are part of the equation for you to succeed your digital transformation and international expansion. Each region and/or country has its own characteristics to take into consideration.

Simply put, don’t assume your export markets are similar to your domestic one. 

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International SEO Best Practices