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Local SEO

Local SEO

Think Global, Act Local… SEO

In today’s fast moving market, digital allows businesses to go global and international using the internet. How about Local SEO?

In 2017, local SEO is one of the most important trends in digital marketing. As users browse on mobile devices more and more, the ball game has changed. Local search is as important as mobile search marketing. Their importance is strengthened by Google AMP and Google Mobile Index.

Here are 18 must-do things for local SEO in 2017:

  1. Understanding what local SEO is key to your success,
  2. Assessing – how local SEO can leverage sales revenues – is also vital,
  3. Mobile usage will imply you re-think your website,
  4. Google My Business is the most important online destination for local business owners,
  5. Keyword research for local SEO,
  6. Local competitor analysis,
  7. Focus on hyperlocal keywords, news, trends and events,
  8. Getting your content local will boost your SEO ranking,
  9. Think global, act local with names of cities, councils, counties, states and regions,
  10. Long-tail keywords will bring highly qualified leads, prospects and buyers;
  11. Using Google Trends is a must:
    • Google Trends give you access to real-time keyword trends, by region, by country and by market segment,
    • With Google Trends’ big data, you also have access to a 5-year history on specific phrases,
  12. On-page SEO for local SEO must be very clean:
    • Keyword search per topic
    • Title tags
    • Meta description,
    • Image optimisation,
    • Mobile responsive,
    • Heading H1, H2 and H3,
    • Website structure and categories,
    • Schema markup…
  13. Your domain name authority will be key in local SEO,
  14. Your brand-awareness will help you rank higher in local search results,
  15. The quality of backlinks is so essential in local SEO: citations, reviews, press, events…
  16. Get into map search results,
  17. Social signals help you get a better ranking in Google results,
  18. Be focus and direct to the point!

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Local SEO London

Local SEO Trends for 2017 and beyond!

One of the top 3 action items is to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. User experience and performance are part of your local SEO ranking in 2017.

Here is a list of the most popular tools to check, whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

The best way to get a mobile-friendly website is to go for responsive design. Here are a few responsive themes for you to review. We are adding some WordPress responsive themes.

Local SEO London

Here are my top local SEO predictions:

  • User experience across all mobile devices is essential in 2017,
  • Web authority, trustworthiness and brand-awareness will highly contribute to your local SEO results,
  • Voice search will continue to influence SEO results this year,
  • Make sure you put all your local details on your website,
  • SEO Best practices & ethics have never been so critical for higher Google ranking,
  • Google will offer more in-depth features for local SEO in the next 12 months,
  • You credibility is VITAL for local SEO,

You can rely on Google to spend R&D money into local SEO and mobile search, as this is the future. Along with voice search and artificial intelligence, organic SEO will move forward in the digital marketing industry.

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Is your business global or local? Do you have other tips to share with us?

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